Functional Testing Services

No software system can be strengthened until and unless it’s functional testing is done. Usually implemented at the early stages of the development to ensure software stability till the end.

Functional testing is directly related to the app functionality and its users. Meticulous system evaluation by using functional testing is conducted at various levels and utilizing different testing types like unit testing, system testing, integration testing etc.

CodeNInja provides functional testing services across platforms (web, mobile, desktop, cloud etc.) and different verticals.

We Won’t Let Your Software Break at Any Point

CodeNinja functional testers or QA specialists do a deep analysis of the current condition of the software and if it’s pre-built, they keep functional testing active from the very start. Testing across platforms (web, mobile, desktop, cloud etc.) and different verticals.

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End-to-End Functional Testing Services

Unit Testing 01

Unit Testing

  • Testing smallest testable parts of an app
  • Help detect early flaws in the code
  • Continual testing and revision
  • Linked with integration testing
Smoke Testing 01

Smoke Testing

  • Determines whether the deployed built is stable or not
  • Consists of minimal set of tests
  • Conducted whenever the new functionalities are developed
  • Ensures critical functionalities are working fine
Usability Testing 01

Usability Testing

  • Test functionalities through representative users

  • Solid test plan by QA team

  • Identify problems in the product design

  • Uncover opportunities to improve

Exploratory Testing 01

Exploratory Testing

  • Free-style exploratory testing
  • Scenario based exploratory testing
  • Strategy-based exploratory testing
Regression Testing 01

Regression Testing

  • Ensures app works fine after code changes
  • Full/partial testing of already tested test cases
  • Tested when codebase is fixed for bugs/errors
  • Applied when there are changes in configuration
  • Used when patches are added
Integration Testing 01

Integration Testing

  • Validates all units are working together
  • Test the communication paths between modules
  • Big bang testing, all modules tested once
  • Top-down or bottom up, one by one testing
Automated Functional Testing 01

Automated Functional Testing

  • Auto execution of test cases
  • Implemented by team of testers
  • Input and output data determined
  • Use well-planned testing strategy
User Acceptance Testing 01

User Acceptance Testing

  • Actual software users test the functionalities
  • Conduct just before launching the product
  • Assess if the software can handle user scenarios
System Testing 01

System Testing

  • Evaluation of different components interactions
  • Often linked with integration testing
  • Testing the system as a whole
White Box Testing 01

White Box Testing

  • Testing of software internal structure
  • Test of code, infrastructure working with external systems
  • Data structures are tested
Black Box Testing 01

Black Box Testing

  • Testing of external systems connected with the software
  • Knowledge of internal design not necessary
  • Tester provides the input and observes the output
Sanity Testing 01

Sanity Testing

  • Subset of regression testing

  • A quick check on basic level

  • If the proposed modifications work as intended

  • Performed after minor changes in code

Functional Testing Process

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When Should You Automate Functional Tests?

One of the simplest answers is, it reduces time and effort, especially in cases where on-time product launch is crucial. Also, this prevents ‘human-error’ to skip. However, formulating the right test cases is important along with finding the right automation tools.

Automation of functional tests is needed when you have to run similar test cases on multiple platforms and devices. Also, if there is a need to run a 24/7 check on functionalities, this can be done without human intervention or dependency.

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How to Hire CNC Developers and Testers For Your Service?


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Select, interview and assess via technical assignments.

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Functional Testing For Web And Mobile Applications

Functional Testing 01

Functional Testing For Web

  • User interface design of the web app.
  • APIs for web and mobile applications
  • Database testing
  • Security testing
  • Basic functionality of the website.
Functional Testing Mobile 01

Functional Testing For Mobile

  • Testing of android, iOS and web apps

  • User interface design of the mobile app.

  • APIs or integrations

  • Database or architecture flow

  • Security checks

  • Basic app workability

Benefits of Functional Testing

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Functional Testing is a Core Job in the Software Development Process.

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Cooperative Outsourcing Models

Dedicated Development Team 01

Dedicated Development Team

  • Acts like an in-house team
  • Works exclusively on one client project at a time
  • Direct control over the team
  • Outsourcing model for complex projects
Team Augmentation 01 1 1

Team Augmentation

  • Outsourcing model for short-term projects
  • Bridges gap for hiring short term resources on long term basis
  • Fills the shortage of specific skillset resource/s
  • Direct management and control
Full Outsouring 01

Full Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing model for short and long-term projects

  • There is no direct control over the team

  • Usually not an in-house team

  • A service-providing company hired for a defined time period

End to End Services 01

End-to-end Services

  • Complete and comprehensive testing services
  • Usually the contract is long-term
  • From development to testing and support services
  • Can switch to other outsourcing models anytime

Automated vs Manual Testing

Automated Functional Testing 1 01

Automated Functional

  • Reliable - less chance of errors, better quality software.
  • Fast - tools/scripts are used for testing.
  • Investment – tools are required.
  • Practicality – when you need to run multiple use cases with repetition.
  • Observation – does not entail human observation.
  • Suitable – only for stable systems.
Manual Functional Testing 1 01

Manual Functional Testing

  • Not accurate all times, there is a chance of human error.
  • Consumes time as it’s manual.
  • Investment - human resources.
  • When you have to run test cases once or twice.
  • It entails human observation.
  • Suitable for almost every system/software.

Functional Testing for Different Platforms


By running tests against your app consistently, you can verify your app's correctness, functional behavior, and usability before you release it publicly. You can manually test your app by navigating through it.


Testing on iOS devices for functional behavior and see whether expected results are achieved via the developed app or not.


Compatibility testing and regular functional testing on Windows and see if the app is working smoothly and not breaking.


Usage of tools, automated and manual testing for the developed app functional requirements thorough testing.

Mac OS

Seeing how many versions of the Mac does the developed app support and looking into the functional features of the app.

Functional Testing Across Platforms and Devices

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Tools We Use In Functional Testing



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Why Use CodeNinja for Functional Testing Services?

Meet expectations 01

Meet Expectations

Fewer to none complaints about our testing services. We take responsibility and exceed expectations.

Business Oriented Testing 01

Business-oriented Testing

We design relevant test case scenarios and our testing process considers business peculiarities.

Features Prioritization 01

Features Prioritization

Doing random testing is not how we do testing; we prioritize features and requirements.

Hassle Free No Delays 01

Hassle-free, No Delays

Our system works on certain set of rules which is why you get your product/software tested on time.

Technology Acceleration 01

Technology Acceleration

Investment in tools, platforms and frameworks to reduce time and costs comes under our consultative approach.

Strong Testing Background 01

Strong Testing Background

QA team we have a strong profile of testing every sort of software with little to less margin of error.

Industries We Work In

We focus our software development services in diverse sectors where we have wide-ranging experience and exclusive industry knowledge.


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Ecommerce & Retail

Retail 01

Oil & Gas

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Logistics & Transportation

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