Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Artificial consulting services let you reap benefit from collected data and gain valuable insights which could help you in processes’ automation, seek more value from cloud hence boosting revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Businesses Rarely Achieve Anticipated ROI, AI Is the Bridge to Conversion

First, we try to narrow down the gap between our customers’ needs and business value. After which, we develop high-tech solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence Services We Offer:

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AI Software Development

  • We build, & customize AI-driven solutions
  • ML model integration
  • UI/UX design and usability
  • Cross-platform applications
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AI Training and Support

  • Work on initial user adoption
  • User training sessions
  • User guides/manuals
  • Continuous technical support
Group 105834

AI Quality Assurance

  • Continuous testing and deployment
  • Automate software QA process
  • Qualified and experienced AI consultants
Group 105835

Data Preparation Management

  • Collection and quality audit
  • Data integrity validation
  • Data cleaning and maintenance
Group 105836

AI Optimization

  • Consolidate, process and analyze data
  • Use of computer vision
  • Data centralization
  • Data modernization
Path 136063

ML Output Integration

  • Maintaining applications & data interfaces
  • Create ML modules
  • Multi-dimensional integration
Group 105837

AI Conceptualization

  • Identify, interpret and make inferences
  • Recommendation systems
  • Explore AI-driven business models
  • Identify trends and anomalies
Path 136067

Business Analysis

  • Understanding and analyzing data
  • Building strategic plans
  • Implementing realistic business solutions

Top-Rated Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services:

Almost 90% of the companies have adopted cloud solutions but only 10% are actually able to reach their anticipated ROI. We help you reach your business ROIs by setting you in the right direction. We not only let you adopt AI solutions but how they match and merge with your business identity and ROIs.

  • Scalable AI solutions
  • Recognize data value and drive growth
  • Design and deploy AI solutions
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How to Hire Us for Your Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Initial Client Request

Project scope is assessed and we tailor business proposals based on provided requirements.

Discovery Call

Project team meet client and understand what business goals are, and what’s expected as a result.

Interviews/Technical Assessment

Multiple sessions of technical interviews and test assignment if client asks for dedicated team.

Signing Contract

Once the team is selected, there is a formal documentation NDA signing.


Knowledge transfer and meeting with the existing teams.

Artificial Intelligence Consultation Solutions:

Group 104320

Computer Vision

Enabling computers and built systems to get helpful information through digital images, videos, other visual inputs, etc. And make recommendations.

Path 136343

IoT Applications

Our developed applications use AI and machine learning to add intelligence to IoT devices. We shape systems by making them intelligent.

Group 106232

Customer Service

You can close every ticket and convert all your emails from customers to supporting tickets by having AI solutions for customer support.

Path 136348

Personalization Engines

We enable marketers to identify and deliver personal/custom experiences and measure each one of them via bots/ engines.

Group 89568 2

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent unplanned breakdown and cut maintenance costs. Predictive analysis uses AI for system security in advance.

Group 106234

Demand Forecasting

AI-powered SaaS tools, insights on consumer trends, stock availability etc. Help in future-proofing business growth.

Group 106235

Speech Recognition

Empowering systems or programs identify spoken words and convert them into text that’s readable.

Benefits Of AI Consulting Services:

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Outsourcing Models:

Group 97600

Dedicated Teams

  • Collaboration model for outsourcing developers
  • Team deployed on long term projects
  • Complex level projects are ideal for dedicated model
  • Acts like an in-house team
Group 97601 3

Team Augmentation

  • Used to augment the capacity of an organization
  • Team or resource hired for short term projects
  • Special skillset gap filled
  • Minimize operational costs
Group 97602

Full Outsourcing

  • Hiring a third party for full collaboration
  • No direct control over the team
  • Frequent updates on project health
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency
Group 97603

End User Training and Adoption

  • Onboarding and training
  • Customer service support
  • Post launch maintenance
  • Developing strategic training plan

Why Choose CodeNinja for AI Consulting Services?

Group 106254

Cost Effective

One-time complete solution prevents client to hire multiple teams

Group 106257


AI automated solutions, we provide reduce human effort and time and boost productivity

Group 106256

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with a variety of ecosystems like AWS, Google, Microsoft, SAP, etc

Group 106256 1

Teams Ready for Onboarding

We’ve pre-vetted resources available for immediate hiring

What to Look Into Artificial Intelligence Consulting Service Provider?

  • Experience in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning techniques
  • Experience in querying databases and using statistical computer languages: SQL, Python
  • Coding knowledge and experience with several programming languages: Java, C++
  • Experience in data architectures and data pipelines.
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Industries We Work In


Healthcare 1


Contruction 01 1

Ecommerce & Retail

Retail 01

Oil & Gas

Oil Gas 01 1

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics 01 1


Banking 01


Insurrance 01


Finance 01 1


Telecommunication 01


Education 01 1

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