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Hire Ember JS developers, they’re the ones who can meet the demands of your user-intensive web apps. Our Ember.js developers are not ordinary but extraordinary in their skills. Ember.js is a popular JavaScript framework we use for building web applications. It is designed with a focus on convention over configuration. 

Ember.js is used by a number of companies, including Microsoft, Netflix, and Square. Here at CodeNinja, we aim to provide a productive and scalable development experience

Hire top-notch Ember.js developers for your next project. Leverage their expertise in building robust web applications.

Compliments with your Business Expectations and Needs

We consider conventions and best practices while working on Ember.js. By using agile development methodologies, we deliver exceptional Ember.js solutions. This framework allows us to spend less time developing features and more time understanding customer needs.

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Ember.js Development Services We Provide

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Ember.js Web App Development

  • Ember js web app design and development
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Secure and scalable web apps
  • Automated QA and testing
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Ember.js Mobile App Development

  • Design and build digital apps in Ember.js
  • Desktop and mobile app development
  • Seamless user experience across multiple platforms
  • Full-cycle design and development services

Ember.js API Integration

  • Custom API development
  • API integration testing
  • Native and cross-platform solutions
  • Agile development methodologies
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Ember.js Testing

  • End-to-end software testing solutions
  • QA assessment and consulting
  • QA outsourcing services
  • Test automation services
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Ember.js Consulting

  • Plan and implement Ember js solutions
  • Design architecture system
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Staff Ember js development projects with skilled resources
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Ember.js Support

  • Version upgrades
  • Develop and implement new functionalities
  • Software audit
  • Long term and complex projects support

Hire Ember.js Developers from CodeNinja.

Codeninja Hiring Process of Ember.js Developers

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Ember.js Development from MVP to Market Ready Apps

First, we produce a product version that has the minimum set of features required to test its market viability. A way to quickly test the market demand for the product and gather valuable feedback from early adopters.

We follow a step-by-step approach:

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Gather feedback

Use the MVP to gather feedback from early adopters, customers, and stakeholders. This help us understand what features are important to them and what improvements are needed.

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Prioritize features

Based on the feedback received, we prioritize the features that are most important for the users and will have the greatest impact on the business.

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Build out the app

Develop and implement the prioritized features, paying attention to user experience and overall product quality.

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Test and iterate

Thoroughly test the app to ensure that it is stable, reliable, and meets the needs of the users. We use the feedback received to make any necessary improvements and iterate on the product.

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Launch the app

Once we’re confident in the quality and value of the app, it's time to launch it to the market. This may involve marketing efforts to raise awareness and attract users, as well as ongoing efforts to continually improve and update the app based on user feedback.

Engagement Models for Hiring Ember.js Developers


Dedicated Ember JS Development Team

  • A collaboration model for hiring an outsourced Ember JS team
  • Long-term contract between the client and the development team
  • A dedicated team works exclusively on your project
  • Direct control and management of Ember JS developers
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Ember JS Development Team Augmentation

  • Temporary hiring of Ember JS developers
  • Ideal for short to mid-term projects
  • Helps in bridging the skillset gap
  • Can work as a testing model if you opt for long term contract
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Ember JS Development Full Outsourcing

  • Third party services for development
  • Partial control over the outsourcing team
  • Less critical operations handed over to outsourced team outside organizations
  • No need to think of admin issues and resourcing

Benefits of Hiring Ember.js Developers

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What to Look for while Hiring Ember.js Developer?

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Why CodeNinja for Ember.js Development Services?

The X-Factor Of Productivity

Ember.js developers build web applications more efficiently, based on rich set of built-in templates, a powerful routing system, and a convenient data management library.


Our Ember.js development services are built to be secure, scale complex applications; well suited to large and long-term projects.


A comprehensive documentation is what we follow since the projects are often complex and we don’t want to lost in the details and lose focus.

Result Driven Approach

We deliver what we commit. That is, the project remained aligned from the initiation phase till delivery and every stakeholder can see the progress.

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Let's Discuss Your Project

Submit a request and we ‘ll get in touch within a day

Thank you for filling out your information!

We have received your message and sent you an email with the Company Profile Link at the email address you provided.

If your inquiry is urgent, please use the whatsapp number listed below to talk to one of our staff members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ember.js developers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining web applications using the Ember.js framework. Some specific tasks that an Ember.js developer might be responsible for include:

1-Implementing user interfaces using templates and components
2-Defining and implementing application routes and handling transitions between views
3-Building data models and defining relationships between data entities
4-Integrating with APIs and other back-end services
5-Debugging and troubleshooting application issues
6-Writing unit and integration tests to ensure the reliability of the application
7-Collaborating with other team members to ensure the success of the project
8-Staying up-to-date with new developments in the Ember.js ecosystem and incorporating them into their work as appropriate.

The cost of Ember.js development can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the project, the expertise of the developers, and the location of the development team.

In general, hiring a dedicated Ember.js development team will likely be more expensive than hiring individual freelancers or outsourcing to a company. The cost of a dedicated team can range from $50,000 to $100,000 per year or more, depending on the team’s size and location.

Hiring individual freelancers or outsourcing to a company may be more cost-effective, but the cost will still depend on the complexity of the project and the experience of the developers. Freelance rates for Ember.js development can range from $50 to $200 per hour or more, depending on the developer’s level of expertise. Outsourcing rates can vary widely, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 or more for a medium-sized project.

It is difficult to estimate an exact timeline for an Ember.js project without knowing more about the specific requirements and constraints of the project. However, a rough estimate of the time needed can be made by considering the factors above and breaking the project down into smaller milestones that can be tracked and managed more effectively.

The amount of time needed to complete an Ember.js project will depend on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the experience and capabilities of the development team.

-Design and planning: This involves defining the goals and objectives of the application, identifying the target audience, and determining the functionalities and features that the application should have.

-Setting up the development environment: This involves installing the necessary tools and dependencies, such as Node.js, Ember CLI, and any other libraries or frameworks that may be needed.

-Building the application structure: This involves creating the templates, routes, and controllers that define the structure and behavior of the application.

-Adding functionality: This involves implementing the various features and functionalities of the application, such as retrieving and displaying data, handling user input, and interacting with backend APIs or databases.

-Testing and debugging: This involves testing the application to ensure that it is stable and free of errors, and debugging any issues that may arise.

-Deployment: This involves building and deploying the application to a production environment, such as a web server or cloud platform, so that it can be accessed by end users.

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