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Code Ninja is offering the most versatile, cost-effective, and efficient Android development solutions. Hire Android Developers who have the craft and skills to understand your project requirements, promptly adjust to them and develop a cohesive code capable of running smoothly on all Android devices. 

Our skilled and experienced Android developers can work with product development, user experience, and back-end development for guaranteed success. This will help you boost your digital presence and give users a seamless experience.

Hire Android Developers from CodeNinja to create innovative solutions.

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Hire Android Developers from CodeNinja to Develop the most innovative solutions. Our Developers have top-rated skills in coding, modern technologies, and agile frameworks.

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Android Development Services Our Developers Provide

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Custom Android App Development

  • Modern technology stack
  • Data driven design and development
  • Innovative and responsive

Android Game Development

  • 2-D and 3-D game development

  • Intuitive and smooth game display
  • Interactive assets for high-level gaming experience
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Embedded Android Apps

  • Full-cycle development

  • Seamless integration

  • System customization for multiple platforms

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Android App UI/UX

  • Fast and responsive interface
  • Visually appealing
  • User-centric experience
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Android App Migration

  • Compatibility analysis

  • Enriched integration

  • Enabled interaction
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Android Developers for App Upgradation

  • Enhancing features & functions

  • Upgrading to latest version

  • Modern frameworks for high performance

API Integration 1

Android Developers for API Integrations

  • High functionality resulting from seamless integration
  • Enabling third-party data exchange
  • Ensured connectivity
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App Support and Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes

  • Regular updates

  • Continuous monitoring and assistance
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App Testing

  • Manual and automated test scripts

  • Testing integration across services

  • Speed and features testing

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App Consultation

  • Consultation with senior Android developers
  • Customised app development
  • Features, interface, and data handling insights

Hire Pre-vetted Android Developers from us for all Your Development Needs.

How to Hire Android Developers from CodeNinja

Tell us What You Want!

Reach out to Code Ninja and let us know what type of Android app and development services you are looking for.

Meet the Python Team

Brief our team about your project. Talk to professionals and seek guidance on the project. Hear from senior Django developers about their views on your idea and requirements.

Selecting an Engagement Model

You can select an engagement model for your project depending on the time, budget, and other constraints.

Project Estimations

Before handing down the Android development project to our sufficient Android developers, get estimations of cost, resources, and project deliverables.

Starting the Project

Valuing your time, developers will start working on your project as soon as you sign the NDA and hand down the project to the Code Ninja team!

Why Choose CodeNinja to Hire Android Developers?

Why CodeNinja for Hiring Android Developers benefits, and more.
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Engagement Models for Hiring Android Developers

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Full time

Hire Android developers to work dedicatedly on your project. Achieve maximum efficiency and stay informed with daily developmental status and work reports.

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Hire a qualified Android developer to work part-time on your project. Get the best value by augmenting the capacity of your team.

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A more flexible arrangement to hire expert Android developers to work on your project as per requirement.

Let us Help You Find the Talent that Your Project Requires!

Our Rigorous Process to Onboard Android Developers

How CodeNinja hires Android developers through rigorous process
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What’s so Great about Hiring an Android Developer?

Hiring an Android developer will help you unlock many possibilities

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Innovative Solutions

With Android apps, you can connect with customers in a way you want to, giving them a wholesome app experience.

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Versatility and Scalability

Android Studio allows integration with the Android ecosystem such as smartphones, tablets, and Android TV. Android apps are compatible with technologies like  IoT, AR, and VR.

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High Security

Android apps allow protection against malware and viruses making your apps more reliable. Proficient Android developers allow organisations to head towards the right approach throughout the application lifecycle.

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Being an open-source platform, Android allows maximum customization. It helps in creating versatile Android apps which are integrated with multimedia tools and data management functions.

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Fast Development

Android apps are robust. They can be built in less time yet with enriched features and designs. Android offers a rapid development lifecycle which ensures Reduced Time to Market (TTM).

Benefits of Hiring Android Developers

Benefits any one can avail upon hiring Android developers.
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What to Look for While Hiring an Android Developer?

Android development is one of the keys to unlocking business potential. However, it is a complex task and thus you should look for the following traits in an Android developer before hiring:

Skills and Expertise

Knowledge and Experience of Modern Android Frameworks

Use of AI and ML Technologies

Good Communication Skills

Experienced in Cross-Platform Application Development

API Integration

Hire Our Most In-demand Android Developers to Deliver Your Project.

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