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Scale Fast, and stay Future-Proof through Our End-to-end PHP Development Services. Probably wondering why people still favor PHP in 2022. Simply because it’s still relevant, super easy, and can be embedded into HTML code. Open source, server-side general scripting language, runs on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and UNIX and supports different databases such as MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Oracle.

Our team of robust PHP Developers successfully did the implementation hundreds of projects. We manage to handle the requirements exactly as our global clientele wants.

The goal of PHP development services is to implement desktop apps, command-line scripting, and secure server-side scripting

Build Solutions with Reliable Industry Leading Tech Partner

Our dedicated PHP engineers build and handle small-scale to large-scale solutions using industry best practices. Let our team of professionals help you develop your dream project.

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PHP Development Services We Provide

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PHP Web Development Services

  • Custom web development.
  • Refactoring existing solutions.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Dedicated development team.
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PHP-Based CMS Development

  • Customizations and implementations.
  • Enterprise integration services.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Reduce layout and content counter dependencies.
Group 94516 2

Custom PHP Web App Development

  • Web app design and development.
  • Architectural workflow.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • QA and testing services.
Group 95332

Future Focused Development

  • Upgrades on the latest versions.
  • Long-term support.
  • Custom development. 
  • Design and architecture.
Group 95333

Portal Development Solutions

  • Procurement management solutions.
  • eCommerce solutions.
  • HRM solutions.
  • E-learning solutions.
Group 95334

PHP Consulting

  • Help in the selection of technology mix.
  • Identify system bottlenecks.
  • Offer optimal scalability map.
  • Expert recommendations on tech challenges.
Group 95335

PHP Outsourcing

  • Dedicated development team.
  • PHP development team augmentation.
  • Full outsourcing.
Group 95346

Custom PHP Social Networking Sites

  • Social networking portal development.
  • Rich functionality, and high performance.
  • Design, development and support services.
  • Custom plugins development.
Group 89568

Support and Maintenance

  • Ensures uptime.
  • Reduce security risk.
  • Website speed optimization.
  • Expert PHP developers' support.

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PHP vs Python, Which One to Choose?

PHP is object-oriented whereas Python is both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming language. Python is a general-purpose programming language and is used for backend web development whereas PHP is not for general purpose, only used in backend web development.

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Python has few frameworks. Popular ones are Django and Flask. PHP has a large number of frameworks. Popular ones are Laravel and Slim.

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Key Features

Python offers less code, rapid development whereas PHP is open source and offers easy deployment.

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PHP 8.1 is much faster than typical Python program. Almost 3x times.

Group 95371


it's faster in Python than PHP.

Group 95372

Database Integration

Python integration isn’t good compared to PHP.

Benefits of Using PHP Development Services

benefits of using PHP
mobile benefits of using PHP

CodeNinja Process of Hiring PHP Developers

Job opening

We list responsibilities and the skills needed.


Filtering the appropriate resources suitable for the position.

Interviews, Test assessment

Multiple interview sessions, technical questions, and test assignments.


Provide visibility into the structure of the engineering team.

Infrastructure access

Prepare in advance the infrastructure access and code guidelines to help understand the team’s way of working.


Our partners reach out for on-demand talent acquisition. Get vetted engineers for outsourcing.

Let Us Help You Decide What's Best in Your Interest!

Models of Cooperation for PHP Development

Group 95359 1

Dedicated Development Team

  • A long term collaboration model for outsourcing developers.
  • All team members work exclusively on one project at a time.
  • Dedicated team acts like in-house team.
  • Access to global pool of talent.
Staff Augmentation

Team Augmentation

  • A short-term collaboration model for outsourcing developers.
  • Fulfills the specific skills or talent gap instantly.
  • Access to global talent on a part-time and hourly basis.
Group 61740

PHP Development Full Outsourcing

  • Hiring an outsourcing company to manage development.
  • Team flexibility and scalability.
  • Quick start, FO works like an outsourced team (not in-house).

What Makes CodeNinja Stands Apart from Others?

Group 95374

Rapid Development and Deployment

In-built support for databases, helps in quick development and launch.

Group 95375

Hassle-Free Integration

PHP can easily be integrated with multiple platforms and technologies.

Group 95376

Reliable Tech Partner

We’ve been building solutions in PHP for the last 7 years.

Group 95377

End-to-End Services

We development, deploy and offer post-launch support too.

When to Choose PHP Development Services?

Not every PHP company works the same way but they often offer a range of services like UI/UX design, QA and testing, PHP consulting and assessment, custom PHP development, etc. However, all these are conducted by dedicated teams and on a long-term contract basis. Let us assist you when you need PHP development.

  • When creating a website or app requires the expertise of highly skilled engineers who could do front and backend development.
  • If you are a startup and looking for a solid technology stack and a quick market launch.
  • Have a business idea and want to convert it into a dynamic web solution.
  • If you are looking for a cost-savvy option, PHP is open-source and doesn’t require a licensing fee.
When to choose PHP development services

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