Node.js Development Services

Node.js is no longer a technology stack for web developers, but enterprises like Netflix, eBay, PayPal, The Mail Online and Walmart are betting on it. IoT community, real-time applications and many other applications of Node.js are indispensable in today’s world.

An open-source, server-side script runs on scripting engine V8, fast, lightweight, efficient, uses asynchronous mode of operation, and event driven input/output. Node.js was written by Ryan Dahl in 2009 originally.

The core Node.js development services offered by CodeNinja include application, web, consulting, plug-in, cloud, and custom development.

Hard Work and Discipline, a Trade-Off we’re doing and Winning

It’s a hard task to pull together the technology stack for any given project; choosing the right programming languages, tools, and platforms. However, we do not sell ourselves, but can guide you through when and why you should choose Node.js for development.

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Node.js Development Services We Offer

Node.js application development uses an agile development process to create quick, scalable, and real-time applications.

Node.js Application Development

  • Node.js app design and development
  • Intense knowledge of Node.js runtime environment
  • Fast, scalable and real-time applications
  • Innovative apps through agile-based methodology
Node.js Web Development offers one of the most efficient cross-platform JavaScript environments

Node.js Web Development

  • Node.js web architecture, design and development
  • Tech-savvy experts build result-oriented web apps
  • Agile working methodology
  • High-end Node.js backend solutions
Node.js Consulting Services help you build scalable and efficient software solutions - CodeNinja

Node.js Consulting Services

  • Development of future-proof apps
  • Streamline or recover ongoing development
  • Upgrade Node.js competencies of in-house team
  • Assess and optimize app performance
We create high-quality Plug-ins Development that meet your needs

Plug-ins Development

  • Integration for improving app functionality
  • Custom plugin development
  • Simplifies complex code execution
full-cycle cloud application development services including dev strategy /planning,architecture design , Development and QA/testing.

Cloud Application Development

  • Cloud app dev strategy /planning
  • Cloud app architecture design
  • Cloud app development
  • Cloud app QA/testing
full-cycle Node.js Custom Development including Custom design and development,custom app architecture, Agile and flexible working business modules and Node.js senior developers and managers onboard.

Node.js Custom Development

  • Custom design and development
  • Node.js custom app architecture
  • Node.js senior developers and managers onboard
  • Agile and flexible working business modules
Node.js is a platform built for easily building fast and Optimal Solutions.

Node.js Solutions

  • Web app design and development
  • Custom app development
  • Node.js cloud solutions
  • App optimization and performance
Node.js Migration & Upgrade Services provide support to migrate your existing backend system.

Node.js Migration

  • Migrate existing backend system to Node.js
  • Complete assistance in moving data apps
  • Setup and configuration
  • Painless migration of legacy systems

Hire a Team of Experienced Pre-vetted Node.js Developers to Build High-end Solutions!

Why Should You Go for Node.js Development?

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Blazing Fast Speed

Powered by Google’s V8 JS engine. Faster application development and scalability.

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Node.js can do heavy I/O operations, data flow, multiple connection requests; build a real-time streaming video.

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Proactive Communication

Mutual understanding between team members. Team uses it for frontend and backend development, keeps better internal team communication.

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Efficient on Server-Side

Lightweight in short, this means, your app will load 2.5 times faster than normal.

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One Framework for Front and Back

Node.js lives on JavaScript, and it covers frontend and backend development and keeps ambiguities at bay.

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Cross-Platform Support

You can create SaaS websites, desktop apps, and even mobile apps, by using Node.js. Offers multi-platform support.

Our Node.js Development Process

5 Ways to Accelerate the most effective Node.js development process
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Advanced Tech Solutions We Deliver through Node.js Development

Why Choose Node.js Development Services with CodeNinja?

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Full-Stack Node.js Development

Whether it’s about front-end or back-end solutions, you can rely on our Node.js team.

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We bring expertise, agile methodology, and efficient development processes to offer the best solutions.

Node.js is a platform built for easily building fast and Optimal Solutions.

Custom Node.js Solutions

For custom and complex projects, we offer dedicated Node.js team for continuous delivery.

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NDA Policy

We respect data privacy so we offer NDA for confidentiality and data security.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Dedicated Node.js development, team augmentation, managed services and more.

What to Look for While Hiring Node.js Development Partner?

If you are planning to launch a big project that will need continuous development and continuous deployment, frequent updates, maintenance and post launch support, opt for the in-house development team:

  • Node.js development in-house team communication is well-established and you can resort to them any time as they are dedicated most of the time.
  • Opt for team augmentation if you want a talent gap filled with a specific skill set. Augmenting the team’s capacity by outsourcing a team saves time, ensures flexibility, and improves the efficiency of your project
  • Do make sure you assess soft skills as well as technical skills that the Node.js development team needs to have.
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