.Net Application Development Services

CodeNinja is the pioneer in developing high performance applications with .Net and its various implementations. We exercise expertise in leveraging the .Net capabilities to develop applications for all platforms whether it be windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or android.

.Net Application Development services for all platforms whether it be windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or android.

End-to-End .Net Services

We provide professional .Net  services ranging from research and planning to deployment and support. Our teams are committed to provide maximum value to customers through a proactive approach and ensure optimum security levels, lean code and maximized framework efficiency. 

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.NET Development Services

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.NET Core Development

  • Secure and cost-effective
  • Responsive cross-platform applications
  • Equipped with machine learning & AI

.NET Software Development

  • Apps and third party integrations
  • Advanced & Multiplex Softwares
  • Smooth migration and support
Group 96213

.NET Application Architecture

  • Multi-tier
  • Cloud based
  • Microservices
Group 96214

.NET Microservices and Docker Containerization Deployments

  • Independent testing and deployment
  • Serve large and complex applications
  • Faster and Lightweight approach
Group 96215

.NET Developer Toolkit

  • Modern and feature-rich tools
  • Versatile and portable
  • Easy maintenance and debugging
Group 96216

.NET Mobile Configurations

  • Manage and control access efficiently
  • Enhance app security
  • Simplify deployment
Group 96217

.Net Development Services for Business

  • Progressive web applications
  • Intuitive App designs
  • Resourceful ERP development
Group 90558

.NET Application Deployment

  • QA and testing
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Staff training
Group 96218

.NET Projects QA

  • High testing coverage with test scripts
  • Manual & Automated testing
  • Solid & Reliable QMS
Group 96219

.NET Software Support and Evolution

  • Timely upgrades
  • Dedicated support teams
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
Group 96220

ASP .NET Enterprise Solutions

  • Third party integrations
  • High performance applications
  • Customized to business needs

When to choose for .NET Development Services

.Net along with its range of implementations is a comprehensive framework for front-end and back-end development. Built by Microsoft, the framework is robust and versatile to develop all sorts of applications for your business. The platform is secure, versatile, employs modern architectures and is cost-effective.

When to choose for .NET Development Services

Software Types we Develop as a .NET Development Company:

Group 96304

Software Product Development

Build modern software leveraging the portability of .Net and its vast libraries. It allows an object-oriented approach for greater efficiency.

Group 96305

Xamarin Consulting and Development

Allow users to experience a native user interface with platform independent and integratable applications.

Group 96306

Cloud Application Development

Leveraging the modern cloud resources such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for web based apps and databases.

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Web Application Development

Creating single page and progressive web apps with responsive and cross platform designs. While also achieving cost-effectiveness and high performance. 

Group 96307

Desktop Application Development

Scalable and integratable platform independent applications that provide seamless experience to the users.

Group 96308

SaaS Development Services

We help create innovative SaaS applications for your business that are flexible and adopt the most modern architecture.

Group 96310

Custom Database Software Development

We leverage .Net with advanced database tools like SQL and Azure for engineering and managing your database to meet business needs.

Group 96311

Custom API Development

Integrate third party apps and required features to your existing software with reliable and secure APIs.

Group 96312

Embedded Software Development Services

We build modern GUIs, embedded system designs and automation services as part of our Embedded software program.

Group 96313

IOT Development

Using a range of AWS and Azure tools with .Net to build the most innovative and productive IoT apps for you.

Our .NET Application Development Processes

our .Net application
mobile our .Net application

Benefits of .NET Application Development Services

benefits of .Net application
mobile benefits of .Net application

We offer Business-Friendly Outsourcing Cooperate Models

Group 95359 2

Dedicated .Net Development Teams

Our dedicated team model allows you to take the project into your hands. Manage your project scope and control the project path with our PMO.

Staff Augmentation

.Net Development Team Augmentation

Augment your team capacity with our expert and dynamically skilled team. Deploy our team anytime you want and strengthen your app development process.

Group 61740 1

.Net Development Full Outsourcing

Hire our complete services from planning to deployment. We offer a 100% success rate with our expert teams working on achieving maximum ROI and performance of your application.

Why choose .NET Application Development Services with Code Ninja?

Group 95981

Flexible Hiring Models

Work within your defined budget through hiring models coupled with scalable pricing models.

Group 94736


Using the best practices to save time and create optimized applications that increase ROI.

Group 96377

Reduced Development Risk

A 100% job success rate with a highly skilled and diverse industry experienced team.

Path 125928

Maintain Oversight and Control

Effective and transparent reporting processes to help you supervise the entire project.

Group 95984 1

Accelerated Time to Market

Skilled and significant resources at our disposal and leveraging microservices approach for fast product delivery.

Group 96378

Scale Quality and Performance

Developing open-ended solutions that can be enhanced with evolving business needs.

What to Look while hiring someone as Your .NET Software Development Partner:

.Net is a framework that incorporates a wide and diverse range of tools for application development. Therefore, it is important to pick the right tools and resources if you are looking to utilize this framework. With CodeNinja you get:

  • Expert consultancy
  • Complete range of solutions
  • Modern tools for development
  • Fast deployment & Upgrades
what to look while hire

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