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On-demand products and services to complement the fast-paced urban living and an IoT enabled urban ecosystem that promotes safety and sustainability. Hyperlocal marketplaces make cities more resource efficient, connected and liveable. 

Access local markets, better products, services and efficient resource management with our hyperlocal solutions. 

Our urban tech solutions make it easy and simple to discover, order and track your product & services.

Why choose this?

Our on-demand, urban tech marketplace solutions enable the creation of local and sustainable ecosystems that keep life ticking forward against the humdrum of urban time constraints.

Remain connected to your target markets and customers with our custom-built solutions to launch and promote your service business or service aggregators. 

Our IoT specialists will help design and develop robust solutions integrated with advanced analytics for your business.


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Quick on-boarding for sellers

Streamlined product management

Order processing that's convenient

Features to promote listings and sell more

Tools to communicate with the buyers

Powerful product search and display

Can't see us? We are just behind the button