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CodeNinja provides consultancy and development of modern image analysis software for your business. Our customized solutions for diverse industries allow businesses and institutions to carry out effective research, analysis and diagnosis. CodeNinja’s versatile software is capable of detecting fundamental components in an image and extracting required information with powerful algorithms.

We develop a range of Image Analysis software using both the rule-based approach for small projects and machine learning for large data requirements.

Dynamic IA Services

We develop a range of Image Analysis software using both the rule-based approach for small projects and machine learning for large data requirements. Our software services incorporate the latest frameworks and automated processes that allow efficient execution for obtaining desired results.

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Our Core Image Analysis Software Key Tasks

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Detect Image

  • Analyzing image for objects
  • Detecting individual objects, textures, and background
  • Separating each object from the other
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Recognize Image

  • Advanced use of machine learning
  • Recognition and classification of objects
  • Feature analysis based on object classes
Group 104852

Identify Image

  • Identification of individual objects
  • Classifying objects in categories
  • Use of high performing algorithms

Top-Rated Image Analysis Company

With more than 10 years in the IT industry and deep expertise in Machine Learning, CodeNinja is a go-to company for your next Image Analysis Project. We have experience in developing IA products for multiple industries, hence facing multiple challenges and offering solutions. Our 100% job success rate speaks of the wonders we create!

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Image Analysis Software Solutions

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Damage Assessment

  • Intelligent IA software
  • Analysis of electronics and other devices
  • Ability to assess complex scenarios
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Medical Image Analysis Software

  • Reading & enhancing medical scans
  • Error free, precise and quality rich analysis
  • Automated & Manual analysis for treatment, prevention and diagnosis
Group 104922

Automated Visual Inspection Software

  • Computer-aided production line
  • Rapid, Cost-effective & Reliable inspection
  • High resolution & wider visibility spectrum
Group 104923

Grading and Sorting

  • Robust object analysis for classification
  • Leveraging computer vision for sorting defected material/product
  • Computer-aided quality analysis for grading
Group 104925

Emotion Recognition

  • Precise interpretation of sentiments
  • Identification of Facial expressions for emotions
  • Pattern recognition & AI for accuracy
Group 104924

Facial Recognition

  • Accurate and reliable face detection
  • Create accessibility and security softwares
  • AI for dynamic discovery
Group 104926

3D Reconstruction

  • Augmented Reality software for diverse industries
  • Construction of 3D models from 2D images
  • Detailed image capturing for 3D models
Group 104927

Event Detection

  • Vigorous security systems
  • Analyze human behavior for alarm triggering
  • Real-time detection capabilities
Group 104928

Quality Control

  • Ensuring prerequisites for high quality scans
  • Checking for defects and vulnerabilities
  • Using computer vision for concrete quality control

Why Does Your Business Need Image Analysis Services?

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Image Analysis software is aided by machine learning and computer analysis that provides high accuracy

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Robust Security

You can leverage IA for exclusive accessibility features to your product to prevent unauthorized access

Group 105213

Analyze audience

IA allows businesses to analyze the enormous data available on the internet in form of videos and images

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Accurate Product Analysis

Services such as sorting, grading and defect analysis through Image Analysis speed up process and ensure reliability

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Quality Services

Machine Learning and AI carry out in-depth and automated product analysis to ensure consistent & high quality

Benefits of Image Analysis Development

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Our Image Analysis Consulting Processes


Connect with our team through mail, live chat or call.

Requirement Analysis

Gather product requirements and understand the objectives, workflows, and backgrounds.


Creating a product strategy roadmap to achieve your goals and highlighting new opportunities.

Product Planning

Plan the product delivery by estimating the costs, resources and timelines.

Product Design

Designs are presented as prototypes, MVPs or other interactive models.

Development & QA

leveraging powerful algorithms and frameworks with close monitoring to build the perfect product.

Deployment & Support

Providing licenses and training to concerned departments with 24/7 product support.

Why CodeNinja As Your Best Image Analysis Development Partner?

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Expertise in Machine Learning

CodeNinja leverages AI successfully to program and function software for greater efficiency and managing dynamic scenarios.

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Diverse Industry Experience

Our Image Analysis software has been implemented in numerous industries helping us understand their processes and workflows.

Group 105228

End-to-End IA Services Provider

We provide services from planning to deployment without any third-party intervention.

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Use of Robust Algorithms

We use the most powerful algorithms like CNN, KNN, SVM and more for Image Analysis to tackle demanding situations.

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High Success Rate

CodeNinja has a 100% client satisfaction and success rate, making it a trusted brand in the market.

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Cost-effective Solutions

We do not provide unreal quotations to our clients. Our expert resources are streamlined to manage your projects in an efficient manner to reduce costs.

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Post-deployment services

We do not abandon our products after deployment. We have a 24/7 support department on stand by and we provide updates for minor fixes

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Modern Practices

Our Agile and DevOps practices ensure that quality is upheld and the product is compliant to standards.

Business Friendly Hiring Models

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Dedicated Application Developers

Our dedicated resources will be committed to your business for a reliable and speedy process. Effective communication and complete control over dedicated resources with flexibility of project scoping.

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Fixed Contract

Control your budget more effectively with our fixed price contract model. Well-defined budget, timelines, resources and deliverables are the key to a successful fixed contract.

What To Look For While Hiring Image Analysis Software Development Company?

Image Analysis is not only a complex task but also requires in-depth knowledge of machine learning to create a viable and reasonable product. Always entrust a complicated project like IA to a well-trusted company. With CodeNinja you get:

  • Agile & DevOps Practices
  • Machine Learning Experts
  • Experience of various Industries
  • High ROI and low TCO
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Industries We Work In

We focus our software development services in diverse sectors where we have wide-ranging experience and exclusive industry knowledge.


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Ecommerce & Retail

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Oil & Gas

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Logistics & Transportation

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