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AWS is expanding businesses’ horizons, and Code Ninja leads the way with its comprehensive end-to-end AWS consulting services. We are dedicated to empowering businesses to adopt the Cloud computing platform, explore new frontiers, and drive their business to new heights.

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Migrate, Modernize, and Optimize your businesses through AWS Cloud adoption

Our AWS consultants assist you to reap the maximum benefits of AWS services coupled with their time-tested strategies and enriched experience.

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AWS Consulting Services We Offer

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AWS Cloud Development Services

  • Utilizing a full spectrum of AWS services
  • Application development on the AWS cloud platform
  • Deployment of applications on the AWS Cloud platform
  • Fulfilling various clients’ needs by leveraging AWS services
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AWS Migration Services

  • Migration of existing resources to the Cloud Platform
  • Hassle-free migration services
  • Minimum data loss
  • Risk Avoidant solutions
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AWS Cloud Automation Services

  • Optimization of Cloud operations
  • Automation of services within the Cloud
  • Reduction of manual errors
  • Response to events in real-time
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AWS Data Analytics

  • Analysis of data trends and patterns
  • Uncover the valuable insights leveraging AWS
  • Data Visualization
  • Drive business value
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AWS Migration Consulting

  • Facilitating seamless migration
  • Optimizing the AWS environment
  • Implementation of strong security measures
  • Designing of optimal AWS architecture
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AWS Cloud Management Services

  • Management of the Cloud Infrastructure
  • Monitoring of AWS resources
  • Maintenance of performance
  • Cost efficiency
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AWS Machine Learning

  • Unification of ML and AWS
  • Building of Smart Application
  • Enhancement of learning capabilities
  • Deeper insights into data
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AWS Application Development Services

  • Development of modern cloud applications
  • Deployment and Management of application
  • Enabling a quick development process
  • Building secure applications
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AWS Managed Services

  • Engagement of top-tier team
  • Manage, Maintain, and Deploy
  • The Efficient Cloud migration process
  • Coordinate and Integrate operations
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AWS optimization

  • Optimization of key performance metrics
  • Guaranteed robust AWS infrastructure
  • Implementation of ongoing monitoring
  • Maximizing the full potential of AWS infrastructure
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AWS Containerization

  • Building secure containerized applications
  • Launching containerized applications
  • Managing the AWS infrastructure
  • integrating Cloud and AWS container services

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Revolutionary AWS consulting services company

Backed by more than a decade of expertise, our consultants provide cutting-edge and groundbreaking solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of the AWS cloud platform and reap the utmost benefits from it.

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How to Hire Us for Your AWS consulting services


initiate communication and coordination with our consultants

Business Proposal

Define deliverables and final expected outcomes

Engagement Model

Selection of suitable pricing and hiring model

Project Estimation

Evaluation of time, costs, risks, and outcomes of the project


Finalize the processes by formalizing the terms and conditions

AWS Consulting Solutions

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Enterprise Cloud Management Platform

Empowering our clients with the centralized Cloud Management Platform and optimizing their diverse Cloud workloads.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

Our Content Delivery Services deliver content quickly, securely, and efficiently leading to reduced costs and improved website performance.

Layer 1 9

Cloud Checkup

Optimizing all performance metrics and assisting our partners to adopt a Cloud strategy that best aligns with their business goals.

Outsourcing Models

Layer 1 3

Dedicated Team

  • Exclusive Team
  • Long Term Engagement
  • Flexibility and Scalability
Layer 1 2

Team Augmentation

  • In-house team augmentation
  • Filling in-house technical gaps
  • Quick access to required tech talent
Layer 1 2 5

Full Outsourcing

  • Selection of third-party service provider
  • Complete control over project execution
  • Cost-effective solution
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End User Training and Adoption

  • Equipping and Facilitating end user
  • To utilize modern technologies
  • Provide training on the latest industry practices

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Tools and Technologies We use

We are determined to push boundaries and bring a new era of technological innovation leveraging our state-of-the-art tech stack.

WEB Back-end


WEB Front-end

lit alpinejs


Mobile Development

iosframwork nativescript ioniz

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

Cloud Computing

MS-Azure rockspace google-cloud aws digital-ocean

Programming Languages

scala octave R matlabjulia


theano open CV tensorflowsinga sho gun weka h2 mlpack mahout mxnet mxnet keras torch


gensim spacy learn sparkmlib orange

Big Data

hbase azure data lake amazon zookeeper hadoop mongo DB google cloud datastore kafka azure cosmos db redshift hive azure Blob Storage amazon documentsDB spark AWS cassandra

Benefits of AWS consulting services

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Why do Businesses Choose Code Ninja for AWS Consulting Services?

Leading AWS Consulting Services

Our transparent and strategic approach sets us apart and ranks us among the top consulting service providers.

Transformative consulting services

Code Ninja become a key driver of digital empowerment for their clients and assists them to push their boundaries.

Team of competent Consultants

Our bunch of the best tech talent is dedicated to going the extra mile for our clients.

Customer-centric company

Our real achievement and contentment lie in the trust and value our customers place in us.

Are You Looking for an Experienced AWS Consulting Team for Your Business?

Code Ninja- a dynamic IT powerhouse- consultants redefine business horizons with their vetted solutions, enabling our clients to adopt, migrate and integrate Cloud technologies and we assist them to transform and excel in their businesses. Thus, Partnering with Code Ninja gets you the following edges

  • Engagement with seasoned developers
  • Utilization of futuristic tech stack
  • Specialization in AI and IoT
  • Provision of AWS Digital Training
  • Empowering our end users
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Industries We Work In

Assisting various verticals of life and making a difference with our cutting-edge solutions and revenue-driven results.


Healthcare 1


Contruction 01 1

Ecommerce & Retail

Retail 01

Oil & Gas

Oil Gas 01 1

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics 01 1


Banking 01


Insurrance 01


Finance 01 1


Telecommunication 01


Education 01 1

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