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Your business is growing and changing, but are you? Shopify website design services, we provide are upscale and up to latest trends. 

Compelling, and result-driven Shopify website designs are not easy-to-found. You may look into hundreds and thousands of websites but design that stands out and sells, only few.

Do you care about what impression your brand gives? Then do care about your website design as we say ‘a design can speak a lot about the brand’.

Poor design is not acceptable in any way possible but the question is what’s poor design? Any design which doesn’t talk to your customer or which doesn’t resolve customer pain points.  Other factors, like slow site speed, complex navigations, heavy loading elements etc., can greatly affect user behavior.

Code Ninja’s Shopify website design services looks for balance between aesthetics and strategy based on the unique data sets of a particular store. We have a diverse, gender balanced workforce who understands your creative needs.

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How it Works(Process)

Market research

Identifying brand voice, goals, and audience.

Study competition

Direct competitors, identifying useful elements, seeking inspiration


Put all ideas in the front, even the craziest ones.

Wireframes & prototyping

First cohesive visual designs, user journey mapping.

Testing & polishing

Making a user pleasing experience by testing; create animations and videos if required.

Shopify Website Design and Development

A unique blend of design, storytelling and custom development
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Responsive web design

Responsive designs by Shopify developers here, look good on all smart devices. Such designs adjust automatically on different screen sizes giving optimal user experience. This means the user won’t find disturbing elements on the opened landing page, all of the design elements will be aligned and understandable.

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Store revamp/Facelift

Like many other brands, you may be dragging your feet regarding website or store revamp, either because of the budget or time. But if you have an outdated website, you are driving away your potential customers. There is a difference between a store revamp and a facelift. The store revamp is extensive and boosts the functionality of the store a lot whereas facelift is an integral part of the rebranding.

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Custom template

Templates help online store administrators to customize design and layout without spending effort on changing individual pages. Custom templates are often asked for from clients and whenever we deliver, we ensure they can do minor fixes by themselves and we give basic training.

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Custom scripting

Using custom scripts, discounts could be created which are then applied to the carts based on the items inside the cart. Moreover, custom scripts are really helpful in customizing shipping and payment options. The thing is, you can ask for custom scripting for custom personalized customer experiences.

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PSD to Shopify web design

Nuances of development are sometimes hard. We chop, code and then develop PSD designs for fully functional Shopify stores. PSD designs are converted into optimized and responsive Shopify websites.  Fully validated, SEO friendly and secure themes we offer when converting PSDs.

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Graphic designing

Along with web design, we are proficient in graphic design where we design logos, product branding, etc. Our graphic design services help with a professional brand image. Cultivating trust and credibility in the minds of a customer is hard, and our graphic designs create a positive impression and better message communication.

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Custom item categories and mega menu

Tools are out there for adding custom item categories and mega menus but sometimes changes are not reflective simply because of the complex code running in the background and there, clients come to us complaining. Custom item categories can easily be added with your choice of items, images, and lists.

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Customized blog

For starters, themes are there to get started along with their newly launched web stores for getting traffic. However, customized blog design page is closer to your customers. As cliché as it sounds, custom blogs with a custom-built website can truly show your branding and not another templated web store.

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Custom landing pages

Grow your relevance, leads, and sales via custom landing pages. They serve your target audience better than a templated design. However, you should clearly know the requirements and do your market research before asking for custom Shopify design and development services.

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Custom gift certificate and email templates

If you are already seeking custom web design and development services for your ecommerce store, we recommend looking into each of the custom features you want integration and implementation for. Custom gift certificates, coupon codes or discount codes, and custom email templates can also be treated separately if the client needs them. It won’t take much time since these are small custom development requirements.

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Conversion optimized

The aim is to turn visiting traffic into buying customers, ultimately profit-driven pages are the ones needed by businesses. We deploy Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy and identify key areas which are required to be optimized either for a website or for social pages, depends.

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Search and social optimized

In-house marketing team does the social media marketing and search optimization for the Shopify web stores so that they can reach and understand their potential customers. We cover services like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO) and running paid campaigns.

Shopify designers, developers and overachievers!

A website redesign or facelift? Cost, time and scope

A website redesign or facelift? Cost, time and scope

What we often confuse is the requirement of the client, what they think they need and what they actually need? Devil is in the details. Lack of understanding leads to a lot of time and energy wastage. That’s the reason why our clients must be educated enough about the difference between redesign and facelift.

Website redesign is an extensive process where a user journey is considered for optimal website conversion. Whereas, facelift isn’t time-taking compared to redesign and content /visual appearance changes can help the client.

1-Cost – making a few visual changes or even a revamp won’t cost much in facelift whereas redesign includes a ground-up approach and costs more.
2-Time – facelift doesn’t require much time since the visual changes may sometimes include changes in color scheming and font styles, whereas redesign is re-do from zero but improves web traffic.
3-Scope – facelift can include logo update or color scheming changes; the scope is limited whereas redesign involves bigger scope.

We don’t just design, we design meaningful experiences!

It’s hard to launch a new Shopify store, especially in such a saturated market. Finding space for your brand won’t be easy, that’s where the branding part comes. Website design speaks a lot about the brand, where user navigation is the focal point.

User converts when he has to do the minimal job on your website. Even an extensive checkout or longer checkout causes users to abandon carts. We do a thorough mapping of your website and see what it requires, a redesign or facelift? After which, we will design user-friendly interfaces and recommend A/B testing to see if the changes made are helpful. 

design meaningful experiences

Benefits of Shopify Website Design

Benefits of Shopify Website Design Services

Why Code Ninja for Shopify Website Design Services?

Certified Shopify developers

Find developers, designers and marketers focused on making your online Shopify store a success. We are certified developers with several years of experience. You can do many things on your own using Shopify free and paid themes but if you are not a technical person, hire Shopify developer to get the job done.


We have worked for some of the fast-growing brands globally and they grew because we paid heed to the success in numbers. A dedicated delivery manager is often deployed, this ensures smooth design and development, just as the project scope.  

Global teams

We have fully-functional teams all around the globe. Code Ninja has a strategic presence in Singapore, UK, US, Canada, and Pakistan. A clientele with which we work exists in the EU, North America, GCC, and Asia. This means we have teams working 24/7 and our cross-functional team performance is good.

Custom theme design

Ready-to-launch Shopify themes are easy to install and in the shortest possible time, your website will be up and running. But you will be wondering if there is any solid reason to go for custom theme? Unique design as per the unique business model and we build effective sales funnels for maximizing conversions.

Timely delivery

For all the first-time store owners, Shopify won’t deliver 100% of your product vision, and may deviate a bit. Clients are often handed over their project late and the features they asked for may not be there or improper features implementation. Here we follow standard procedures and share project progress with every milestone completion.

Business intelligence

Brainstorm whatever you have with our business development team. They will share their honest feedback, what could help you achieve more from your business. Automated workflows, leverage from Cloud, data segregation and compilation (data mining and visualization). You ask, we deliver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Shopify designer is the one who designs according to your end-buyer’s needs and wants. He designs intuitive customer journeys where the last step is the checkout.

If the new or revamped website still does not produce results in terms of profit, our designers consider looking into your user behaviors and recommend design changes as per our analysis.

Our team of designers is responsible for creating unique and compelling beautiful interfaces which talk to the target audience and not just stuffed with design elements and content/ data.

First, you can go to freelancing portals like Good Firms, Clutch, Upwork etc. These are highly influential platforms for hiring Shopify developers and designers. However, freelance Shopify designer won’t take the overall project delivery responsibility and will only do his part.

In-house Code Ninja Shopify designers take full responsibility from design, execution till delivery. The obvious advantage of hiring a Shopify agency like us is that you get an attractive yet unique store, and will never expect a blockage in workflow and can get instant support wherever you feel stuck.

There are free Shopify themes available even extensions/apps for boosting the store performance. However, for custom needs and catering with unique business models, custom Shopify development can do a lot.

Another worthy point is that Shopify developers are fully aware of the payment gateways, inventory management, Shopify app development, and nitty-gritty details, making them a valuable resource. Moreover, all standard practices are being followed in design and development.

Shopify developers custom work pays off on many fronts, you can set your brand tone, unique design as per your user needs, SEO friendliness, less code and more speed, improved navigation etc.

If you purchase one of the paid plans from Shopify and choose a ready-built theme, you have a website up and running in a matter of few hours. However, for custom design and development of a basic store it may take 4-6 weeks whereas for complex stores, time could go from 3 months to beyond.

However, without knowing the exact project scope we can’t assume the time of design and development of a Shopify store. To be specific, Shopify web store design of a basic store take a few days whereas for advanced theme design it could take 1-2 months.

On the contrary, if you are not satisfied with the information provided, we can discuss project details and see how our developers can help. Let’s schedule a free consultation call where you won’t be obligated for anything.

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