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Migrating to Shopify can be a complex process for store owners due to the varying database structures of different ecommerce platforms. If you’re in the midst of things and can’t decide whether to switch from your current ecommerce platform, then let us help you with our Shopify migration services. 

Before proceeding with the migration, we take all necessary precautions such as taking backups and preparing the new platform beforehand to avoid any security glitches or data loss.

We provide end to end Shopify migration services to all businesses.

We Make Complicated Migrations Easy!

With multiple e-commerce platforms to choose from, you may be confused about which one is best suited for your online store. Our Expert Shopify Developers mitigate risks & challenges.

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Benefits of Migrating to Shopify

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Shopify Migration Services We Offer

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Product Pages

  • Data migration (name, SKU, description etc.)
  • Product categories migration (name, status, image)
  • URL redirects
  • Measures to prevent data loss
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  • Migration of orders data (date, status, price etc.)
  • Keeping up backups
  • Best migration practices deployed
  • Accurate and high-speed migrations
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  • Customers' data migration
  • Customer data backups
  • Seamless migration no data loss
  • Shopify migration experts
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Pricing /Inventory Rules

  • Easy bulk migration
  • Inventory updates for available data
  • Ensure payment methods work the same way
  • Professional Shopify migration experts
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Downloadable Products

  • Ensure all file formats work
  • Adding custom fields for unique products
  • All file formats support
  • No data loss, seamless migration
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Coupon Codes

  • Migration of coupon codes data
  • In-house migration experts
  • Offer full data security, no risks
  • Keep data backups

Choosing the Migration Options to Shopify

How Many Ways Are There for Migration?

An important consideration while migrating to Shopify is choosing between the options. There are primarily 3 ways of doing it:

1-Manual Migration – export all data from source store to CSV files and then import to Shopify. Data is reviewed, the existing one and the types of data you can export. Time and effort consuming, data loss chances are there.

2-Using Shopify App – export data from old store to CSV files and then use the Shopify import app. Downside, the old store must be on WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, Squarespace, Big Cartel or Presta shop.

3-Using an Extension – an automated way of data migration. However, again you can never be sure how well such extensions work with your type of store.

We recommend asking for a professional service provider for Shopify migration services. This way, chances of losing data (data security), store optimal performance and all data up and running can be ensured.

Choosing the migration options to Shopify

Don’t lose your precious data, reach out and play safe.

Shopify Migration Process

Moving or migrating from a legacy platform is never easy and it means a lot of work. Still, this couldn’t be the reason why you lag behind your competitors. Migration process if planned strategically, nothing goes wrong and usually you get an optimized and faster running website once the migration process is finished.

Shopify Migration Process

End-to-End Shopify Migration: Systematic, Cost-Cutting & Time Efficient

Our way of Shopify migration is highly systematic where we do not compromise on quality services which is the reason why it’s time efficient and reduces cost too.

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Assessment and Extracting the Right Data

Products include titles, descriptions, images, tax, inventory, number of items, price etc., variants cover categories, subcategories of the product and product attributes involve all units of measurement etc. All said data is assessed first if need them all or need to cut the crap (thus improving webstore speed).

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Custom Features & Functionalities

Sometimes, newly designed or added functionality stores lack some unique but must-have features in compliance with the business model. Especially if the products are not readily available online. We do custom Shopify apps if required to be integrated for boosting the overall function.

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Implementation of Payment Gateways

Shopify has an in-built payment gateway but it doesn’t support few regions on the globe. Moreover, there are some popular and hugely effective payment gateways which every other retailer asks us for integration and implementation. When a client asks for store migration, one of the major concerns are payment gateways too if they’ll work properly? And we handle all such use cases quite professionally.

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ERPs & Marketing Automation

Implementation of enterprise level resource planning solutions is another best part we do while a client is on the verge of switching his legacy processes too along with store migration. And why not? New look, new product displays, faster loading, and process automation. We implement NetSuite, Quickbooks, Oodo etc.

Things to Consider Before Migrating to Shopify

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New Theme Compatibility

Ensure that the newly designed theme supports all back-office systems/apps/integrations. Although there are many apps/solutions offering smooth integration but again it depends on the ‘type’ of integration and data we are migrating.

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Customer Passwords

When customer data is imported to Shopify, only customer records migrate and not encrypted information. Although, the solution helps business owners managing multiple accounts in management but sensitive information like passwords won’t transfer.

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Shopify Plugins

Plugins for bulk transfer of customer and production information from old platform to Shopify are available on Shopify app store. All products can bulk transfer in one click, we do prepare custom Shopify plugins if needed for migration purposes.

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Shopify Support

Shopify offers 24/7 support so that your user experience won’t get hurt in any case, be it migration or any other issue. You can seek support by making phone calls and email inquiries. Live help through chat is also available, all these channels are for free.

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Price Plans

Shopify has different pricing plans. Make sure you know the pricing model/plan you are opting for before migration. From basic to enterprise level, you can choose as required. There is no lengthy process as you just have legitimate bank account and card details, hence entry barriers are very low for this platform.

Benefits of Migrating to Shopify

Benefits of Migrating to Shopify

Why Code Ninja for Shopify Migration Services?
Data Safety Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless

State-of-the-art Migration Solutions

We cover all types of Shopify migrations either you want them manual as if cautious enough or migration via apps or other automated ways. However, we will always suggest a cost-effective way of doing it. Our fully integrated and full-scale migration services are immaculate.

No Downtime

Your store will keep on running and won’t go down as we don’t want you to lose your customers. Rather we do migration in parallel where your current store keeps on working and new one is where we migrate data and once the process is done, we redirect.

Professional Assistance

Skilled and certified Shopify migration experts take responsibility of your store data, be it of customers, orders etc. Or sensitive information like encrypted customer passwords. We offer round-the-clock support along with migration services in case of query or any data loss.

Strict Adherence to Quality

Here at Code Ninja, we follow strict rules of quality and timeline so that clients get desired migration at the right time. We deliver what we promise, no fake timelines or useless efforts wasting time at both ends. If you are confused and need clarity, we’re happy to help you.

No More Stressful Migrations

We can understand bad migrations put clients under so much stress since ecommerce stores rely heavily on their data. Since we follow a systematic process, we had never done any ‘bad’ migrations till date. Thinking through the process and transferring your store data seamlessly.

Popular Migration Pairs

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Magento to Shopify

Theme | Product Data | Customer Data | Payment Methods | Shipping

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Big Commerce to Shopify

Theme | Products/Variants | Customers Data | Orders | Payments | Shipping

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WooCommerce to Shopify

Theme Design | Coupons | Reviews | Customers | Orders | Products | Payments

Group 8359

Open Cart to Shopify

Theme Design | Coupons | Reviews | Customers | Orders | Products | Payments

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Presta Shop to Shopify

Products | Categories | Customers | Orders | Payments

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