Shopify Maintenance Services

Shopify is considered to be among the best E-commerce platforms that allow you to build professional and interactive online stores. Shopify is an easy-to-use interface and diverse theme stores have been the deciding factor for its increasing popularity. 

Shopify maintenance for an eCommerce store is vital to ensure its progress and prevent downtime by avoiding mistakes. In other words, we can say that Shopify maintenance is a health checkup for your eCommerce website. 

CodeNinja maintains its legacy of providing unmatched Shopify Development Services. Our team can assist you in every step that is involved in the Shopify eCommerce journey. We also provide businesses with Shopify maintenance and development experts. These support experts specialize in handling a variety of important issues, ranging from security patch installations, to design updates and third-party integrations.

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If you decide to move forward with CodeNinja for your Shopify maintenance plan, you will find our team ready to maintain and update your Shopify site. We’ll work behind the teams, keeping your Shopify site running as smoothly as possible.

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Benefits of Shopify Maintenance Services

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How does Shopify Maintenance works?


Conducting Initial Store Auditing


Identification of Errors and Bugs


Detailed Report of Audit


Shopify Store Update


Shopify Store Maintenance


Shopify Store 24/7 Support

Shopify Maintenance Services We Offer to Businesses

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Shopify Site Monitoring

  • Site Auditing
  • Scheduled maintenance phases
  • Enhanced user experience
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Integration & Configuration

  • Custom API Integrations
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Custom workflows
  • Enhanced store functionality
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Store UI/ UX Development

  • Increased user retention
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Maintained ECommerce Stores
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Shopify Speed Optimization

  • Faster loading speed
  • Optimizing online store
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Site Customization

  • Freedom to design
  • Customizable store themes
  • Upgraded front-end designs
  • Unique store look
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Shopify Extension Development

  • App extensions
  • Add-on features
  • Third-party integration
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Shopify Store Updates

  • Updated store
  • Latest version update
  • Tap full functionality with updated store
  • Enhanced features
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Data Backup

  • Regularly planned backups
  • Sensitive Data backup
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Immediate Response

  • 24/7 support
  • Maintenance of online store
  • Fixing errors and breachers
Technical Support Agency

Technical Support

CodeNinja promises to deliver Shopify support services, along with access to Shopify Developers, designers & growth experts whenever you need them. As an accredited Shopify Support company, our Shopify experts are highly experienced and can launch the very best features for your customers. We have experience in both developing stores from scratch with unique features as well as integrating the best technology into your running store without Shopify app partners. Whether it’s bug fixes, tweaks, or rolling out your latest ideas, our expert Shopify developers have you covered.

Dedicated Shopify Maintenance Client Team

A dedicated client team gives the client freedom to manage the outsourced team however they wish. CodeNinja provides you with a dedicated Shopify maintenance team for your business. As soon as we complete our initial audit and analyze your company’s needs, we create a dedicated team for you. This team will be comprised of professionals who are skilled in all the Shopify Maintenance services you require. This dedicated team will be with you throughout the project, and even for long-term maintenance plans.

Dedicated Shopify Maintenance

Why Shopify Maintenance Service?

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Poor Site Performance

Shopify store success depends on how quickly users are able to access the store and its products. Having slow loading speed can affect conversion rater, bounce rate and even sales revenue. Shopify support services ensure speed and performance optimization.

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Security Issues

Data breach is one of the worst nightmares faced by ecommerce store owners. Losing confidential data such as customer payment details can prove to be fatal for a business. With Shopify maintenance service you can identify signs of errors early on and can tackle it on time.

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Delayed Support

After a store goes live, you can encounter multiple errors or bugs. But if you do not get timely support from developers, it can slow down your store. Mostly errors require prompt fixes, therefore with 24/7 support you can ensure smooth workflow.

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Outdated Features

Without updating your Shopify store, you will force your users to move elsewhere. They want new updates and newer features. Updating your store regularly is essential to retain users and to offer them the best user experience. Updating is always included in Shopify support services.

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Faulty Integrations

When integrating with third party applications, one can usually come across errors or faults as the process is quite complex. With Shopify maintenance services, our experts can simplify the process for you and help deal with complications.

Benefits of Shopify Maintenance Services

Benefits of Shopify Maintenance Services

Why Choose CodeNinja for Shopify Maintenance Service?

100+ projects

Code Ninja has proudly implemented more than 100 projects of Shopify Maintenance and Support. We have delivered the best and most efficient maintenance services to all of them.

100+ Customers

More than 100 happy clients make us beam with happiness and pride. Our Shopify maintenance services have helped numerous clients all across the globe.

Diverse Experience

Our Shopify support team has more than 10 years of experience in maintaining eCommerce stores for diverse industries. Our team provides the best consultation, audits, and analysis for your store.

Client- Oriented Approach

For us, the clients matter the most. We are proud to claim that we follow a client-oriented approach to implement Shopify support services. Your requirements are our top priorities.

On-time Delivery

We not only promise quality but also deliver the project within the given time. Our experts ensure no time or money is wasted during the project. Our Shopify support services are quick and easy-to-implement.

Market- Best Technologies

Our Shopify maintenance services comprise of trending technologies. Upgrading, hosting, repairing, developing and maintaining are some of the services included in our support plan.


Despite the competitive market, we promise to deliver maintenance services at the most affordable prices. We have multiple plans which are suitable for all types of business; small-scale or even large-scale. Our Shopify support experts can be hired through these packages.

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