Shopify Maintenance Services

Shopify is considered to be among the best E-commerce platforms that allow you to build professional and interactive online stores. Shopify’s easy-to-use interface and diverse theme stores have been the deciding factor for its increasing popularity. As of now, there are more than 600,000 online stores that are powered by Shopify on the Internet.

Shopify maintenance for an eCommerce store is vital to ensure its progress and prevent downtime by avoiding mistakes. In other words, we can say that Shopify maintenance is a health checkup for your eCommerce website.

Code Ninja Consulting maintains its legacy of providing unmatched Shopify maintenance services. Our team can assist you in every step that is involved in the Shopify eCommerce journey. We also provide businesses with Shopify maintenance and development experts. Other features of Shopify maintenance services include product reviews, social integration, admin configuration, UI/UX development, responsive themes, and more.

If you decide to move forward with us for your Shopify maintenance plan, you will find our team ready to maintain and update your Shopify site. Have a look at our detailed process of how we do it!

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How does Shopify Maintenance works?


Conducting Initial Store Auditing


Identification of Errors and Bugs


Detailed Report of Audit


Shopify Store Update


Shopify Store Maintenance


Shopify Store 24/7 Support

Shopify Maintenance Services

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Shopify Site Monitoring

Shopify maintenance services provide regular auditing of sites which helps in identifying bugs and issues. Scheduled monitoring helps in enhancing user experience by fixing issues before time. Even after every update to a new version, site monitoring becomes a must-do.

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Integration & Configuration

Our Shopify maintenance services also include custom API integrations. You can easily integrate Shopify with ERPs, CRMs, marketing tools, or order management software etc. Custom workflows are also available to enhance store functionality.

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Store UI/ UX Development

Users establish their impression of your store and your website within seconds of landing on your website. The rating of your online store depends highly on the experience your users have on it. Our maintenance services include keeping your store UI/UX up-to-date and interactive to retain users and to increase conversion rate.

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Shopify Speed Optimization

No one prefers opening websites which take ages to load. With Shopify Maintenance services, you can optimize the speed and performance of your online store. User experience can be enhanced by multiple folds only by reducing store’s loading page.

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Site Customization

The freedom to design your store in your own way is priceless. We offer services that include customizing store themes, updating graphics and content, and even updating front-end designs. These small changes in design can give you your unique store look.

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Shopify Extension Development

We are not just experts at building Shopify web applications, but we also offer add-on features and app extensions as per your requirement. Whether it is done using the ROR framework, or third-party app integration, our Shopify developers are qualified enough to deliver Shopify web applications as per your business needs.

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Shopify Store Updates

With the latest versions of Shopify coming up every now and then, it becomes essential for businesses to keep up with them. Your store should always be running on the latest version to have the full range of functionality and features so that users can get the most out of your store.

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Data Backup

Monthly planned data backups include all the important data of your store, including the products, orders, customer details etc. Backing up this data helps you stay aligned in your processes. The monthly reports of this data backup can also help you understand how to enhance user experience.

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Immediate Response

With our readily available 24/7 Support, you can sit back and relax while our team takes up the task of updating or maintaining your store. Errors like website downtime, domain problems, and security breaches are some major ones among numerous other issues.

Technical Support Agency

Technical Support Agency

Code Ninja promises to deliver Shopify support services, along with access to Shopify developers, designers & growth experts whenever you need them. As an accredited Shopify Support company, our Shopify experts are highly experienced and can launch the very best features for your customers. We have experience in both developing stores from scratch with unique features as well as integrating the best technology to your running store without Shopify app partners. Whether it’s bug fixes, tweaks, or rolling out your latest ideas, our expert Shopify developers have you covered.

Dedicated Shopify Maintenance Client Team

Dedicated client team gives the client freedom to manage the outsourced team however they wish. Code Ninja Consulting provides you with a dedicated Shopify maintenance team for your business. As soon as we complete our initial audit and analyze your company’s needs, we will create a dedicated team for you. This team will be comprised of professionals who are skilled in all the Shopify Maintenance services you require. This dedicated team will be with you throughout the project, and even for long-term maintenance plans.

Dedicated Shopify Maintenance

Why Shopify Maintenance Service?

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Poor Site Performance

Shopify store success depends on how quickly users are able to access the store and its products. Having slow loading speed can affect conversion rater, bounce rate and even sales revenue. Shopify support services ensure speed and performance optimization.

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Security Issues

Data breach is one of the worst nightmares faced by ecommerce store owners. Losing confidential data such as customer payment details can prove to be fatal for a business. With Shopify maintenance service you can identify signs of errors early on and can tackle it on time.

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Delayed Support

After a store goes live, you can encounter multiple errors or bugs. But if you do not get timely support from developers, it can slow down your store. Mostly errors require prompt fixes, therefore with 24/7 support you can ensure smooth workflow.

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Outdated Features

Without updating your Shopify store, you will force your users to move elsewhere. They want new updates and newer features. Updating your store regularly is essential to retain users and to offer them the best user experience. Updating is always included in Shopify support services.

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Faulty Integrations

When integrating with third party applications, one can usually come across errors or faults as the process is quite complex. With Shopify maintenance services, our experts can simplify the process for you and help deal with complications.

Benefits of Shopify Maintenance Services

Benefits of Shopify Maintenance Services

Why choose Code Ninja for Shopify Maintenance Service?

4000+ projects

Code Ninja has proudly implemented more than 4000 projects of Shopify Maintenance and Support. We have delivered the best and most efficient maintenance services to all of them.

1000+ Customers

More than 1000 happy clients make us beam with happiness and pride. Our Shopify maintenance services have helped numerous clients all across the globe.

Diverse Experience

Our Shopify support team has more than 10 years of experience in maintaining eCommerce stores for diverse industries. Our team provides the best consultation, audits, and analysis for your store.

Client- Oriented Approach

For us, the clients matter the most. We are proud to claim that we follow a client-oriented approach to implement Shopify support services. Your requirements are our top priorities.

On-time Delivery

We not only promise quality but also deliver the project within the given time. Our experts ensure no time or money is wasted during the project. Our Shopify support services are quick and easy-to-implement.

Market- Best Technologies

Our Shopify maintenance services comprise of trending technologies. Upgrading, hosting, repairing, developing and maintaining are some of the services included in our support plan.


Despite the competitive market, we promise to deliver maintenance services at the most affordable prices. We have multiple plans which are suitable for all types of business; small-scale or even large-scale. Our Shopify support experts can be hired through these packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Shopify Support services ranging from an initial audit to custom back-end development, from Shopify store customizations to data backup. There is a range of diverse services included. To know more about which services suit you, contact us now!

Yes, apart from maintenance service, we also offer design services. Our team can redesign your Shopify store keeping in mind your requirements as well as the user experience factors.

As soon as you decide for us to work for you, our experts will provide you with an initial consultation. An internal audit is done to understand the needs and issues of the business.

Yes, at Code Ninja we deliver continuous support even after your project is completed. Our support team is available 24/7 to cater to your issues post-project delivery.

Yes, the first step is to provide your company with a consultation. Our team first performs an audit and then gives you consultation as to what support and maintenance services are required.

We offer a variety of Shopify maintenance and support packages, which can suit your business regardless of its size. You can choose the one that best meets your unique or specific needs. Contact our team to find out more about it.

Yes, Code Ninja’s team of specialists are equipped to perform an analysis of your store, locate security weaknesses, and implement measures to prevent any breaches.

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