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Are you a new business owner looking to increase your conversion rates or sales? Are you unsure about which platform to use to build an online store? Look no further than CodeNinja for the answers to all your questions.

Shopify is a simple and effective solution for creating an online store, and it is the fastest-growing online marketplace, providing sellers with the opportunity to build online stores. However, while creating a Shopify store is essential, maintaining it is critical. Therefore, we recommend that you hire Shopify developers to handle the entire process for you, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about the technical aspects of your online store.

Hire Shopify developers from CodeNinja for an unparalleled experience.

Want Expert Developers for Your Shopify Store?

Being a Leading Ecommerce Development Company CodeNinja provides you with expert Shopify developers that you can hire whenever, and wherever. From the skills that you need to look for, to the numerous benefits of Shopify experts we have it all here.

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How Does CodeNinja Hire Shopify Developers?

CV Scanning

Filter the CVs

HR Specialist Interview

One-on-One with HR

Soft Skills Assessment

Test task for Interpersonal skills

Team Lead Interview

One-on-One with Manager

Hard Skills Assessment

Test task for Technical skills

CTO’s Interview

Final Decision

Services/Expertise of Shopify Developers

Subtraction 10

Responsive Shopify Portals

  • Robust and flexible stores
  • Responsive designs
  • Compatible across several industries
Group 17548 1

Shopify Module Developers

  • Relevant Modules
  • Customized Module Development
  • Payment Gateway Module
  • Shipping Module
Layer 1 21

Site Migration to Shopify platform

  • Data Migration
  • Simplified Migration Processes
  • Store Migration
Group 117972

Shopify Theme Development

  • Customized Theme Templates
  • Unique Shopify Themes
  • Extensions update
  • Representing Brand
Group 17415 1

Shopify Extensions Development

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Better Store Performance
  • Customized Extensions
Layer 2 1 1

Shopify Upgradation & Integration

  • Regular Store Updates
  • Scalable Solution
  • Integration with all other Systems

How to Hire Shopify Developers through CodeNinja?

Primary Request

Your first step in hiring expert Shopify developers will be to send us a primary request with your desired specifications. The number of experts needed, level of experience, their technological specialties, etc. can be included.

CV scanning

At Code Ninja Consulting, we have experienced Shopify developers with a variety of technological skills. From our extensive database of experts, we scan all the CVs to help you choose the best developers.

Scheduling Interviews

Once you have your list of preferred candidates, we help you schedule interviews with them in your available time.


After you have selected the best fit for the role, our Code Ninjas can compose a Service Lead Agreement (SLA) between your company and the candidate to ensure a long-term professional partnership. This legal document allows you to disclose sensitive information about your business without worrying.


Once the agreement is signed, our Shopify developers will be ready to work on your eCommerce business project.

Let Our Experienced Shopify Developers Handle Your Project!

Flexible Hiring Engagement Model

Explore hiring Shopify developers’ engagement model which comprises of a dedicated developer’s team to serve you with complete Shopify development-related solutions only at Code Ninja Consulting.

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Engagement Model

Code Ninja Consulting provides cost-effective and customized engagement models to businesses for their unique needs. These hiring engagement models are flexible and can be customized as per the business needs for maximum results. Every model is designed in such a way that any scale or the size of the project can be catered to.

1. Fixed time & Cost: 

In this engagement model, you can hire an individual or a team of Shopify experts for a fixed amount of time and budget. This type of model is ideal only when the deadlines for a project are predefined and there are no anticipated changes in the project.


  • On-time delivery
  • Within given budget


  • Deadlines cannot be extended
  • No changes can be made

2. Effort-based Model: 

This model offers more flexibility than the previous. In this model, businesses can hire resources instantly without having to define budgets or deadlines. The cost of the project is then calculated based on resource utilization and execution time.

  • Pay only for the tasks completed
  • Flexibility in the whole process


  • Project can be delayed
  • The project might go over-budget  

Pricing Model

To provide our clients with a seamless process of hiring, we have come up with flexible pricing models which are budget-friendly and hassle-free. These pricing models range from hourly to monthly basis and also depend entirely on the experience of the Shopify developer.

Price Model 01 1

Key Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Developer

Group 18106

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Shopify Developer

Group 17553


The first and foremost thing to consider before hiring a Shopify developer is their experience. Building and optimizing an eCommerce store is very challenging and therefore you need someone you can rely on completely. From data migration to setting up new stores, from payment gateways to SEO, an experienced Shopify developer is apt in implementing all these for your business.

Group 17555

Continuous Support

When hiring a Shopify developer, make sure that they are available after completing the project as well. Support is needed even after an online store has gone live. A good Shopify developer will provide continuous support for your e-commerce store until you are ready to steer it on your own.

Group 17551

Device Agnostic Abilities

As mobile stores are taking up most of the business space in the market, an expert Shopify developer should know how to build an online store that is compatible with mobiles. To have a mobile-friendly online store, the developer needs to have extensive knowledge of different platforms and devices.

Group 17556

Instant Bug Fixing

There might be many obstacles in the way of building a store and therefore, the developer should have problem-solving skills. Minor upgrades and bug fixing should always be a priority of your project. A skilled Shopify developer will always be keen to help fix the errors.

Group 17557

Prompt Response

Time is money, no one can deny this. To run a successful business prompt actions are essential. In the initial days of implementation, the developer must be in constant contact with the client. The prompt response method can help achieve better results.

Group 17559

Optimal Communication

Communication is the key to a successful e-commerce business. An expert Shopify developer will always communicate his concerns to you so that you make informed decisions.

Group 17560


A good Shopify developer needs to be fully trained and must have ample experience in building Shopify stores. Skills like JQuery, PHP, Javascript, and knowledge of the APIs platform are must-haves for a Shopify expert.

Hire Our Expert Shopify Developers For an Unparalleled Experience!

Why Hire Shopify Developers from CodeNinja?

250+ Projects Delivered

Our expert developers have proudly delivered more than 250 projects.

200+ Happy Clients

More than 200 happy clients make us beam with happiness and pride

10+ Years of Experience

More than 10 years of experience in creating solutions for multiple industries.

Flexible Engagement Model

Choose from multiple engagement and pricing models according to your business needs.

Holistic Approach

Our experts adopt a holistic approach for each project which lets them manage all the processes simultaneously without losing sight of any issue.

After Set-up support

24/7 Support is available as our support team works round the clock to help you after setting up.

Guaranteed SLAs

Hiring Shopify developers through Code Ninja provides you with a detailed Service level agreement to ensure trust.

On-time Delivery

Code Ninja takes pride in being one of those consulting services which value your time more than anything. We understand the budget and time constraints and therefore offer you on-time delivery, every time!


We provide the best quality services for the best possible cost. But don’t worry, our services will always prove to be valuable to your business regardless of the cost.

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