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Whether you need custom Shopify development services, app development for your Shopify store, or ways to improve your user base, we are the value-adding Shopify Development Services provider focused on making your Shopify app a success.

According to statistics, millions of merchants worldwide build, scale, and manage their businesses on Shopify. However, only a few are profitable. So, what’s the secret sauce?

A Shopify app development company can make or break your business. A fast-loading website with aligned features can lead to high sales.

Apps are critical to online business success, meeting unique challenges and needs. The importance of app development can be seen in the average Shopify merchant having six apps installed on their store.

shopify app development

There Never Will be a Great Time to Build a Shopify App, But Now is!

With the diversity of merchant base coming to us every day for help, there are always opportunities for our Shopify Experts to build something exceptional yet profitable for diverse merchant problems.

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How it Works (Process)

Discovery & strategy

Brainstorm, validate product ideas and strategize.

Identify market

Who is your target audience? User journey mapping.

Market research

Segmentation based on interests. How can a product be of help?

Design and development

Wireframing, visual design, prototyping and development.

Testing and post launch

Functional & non-functional testing; we assess product market reaction.

Shopify App Development Services

Layer 1 2

Order/Customer Management Apps

  • Manage all stages of customer order
  • Monitor inventory
  • Monitor inventory
  • Send invoices to customers
Custom Pricing Apps 1

Custom Pricing Apps

  • Setting pricing tiers
  • Offer custom features development
  • Integration of 3rd party apps
  • Managing special cases
Custom Marketing Apps 1

Custom Marketing Apps

  • Management of all marketing activities
  • Custom marketing app development
  • Custom campaigns management solutions
  • Custom campaigns management solutions
Layer 1 15

Shopify Website Design

  • Custom theme developments
  • Optimizing current store design/theme
  • UI/UX-led Shopify design
  • On-budget, on-time
Custom Inventory Apps 1

Custom Inventory Apps

  • Customize business inventory system
  • Track inventory across different channels
  • Set low stock alerts, QR labels, barcodes
  • No messy spreadsheets
Third Party Integration Apps 1

Third Party Integration Apps

  • Pre-built app integrations
  • Enhancing existing store functionality
  • No compatibility issues, we resolve them all
  • Shopify integration experts
Custom Functionalities 1

Custom Functionalities

  • Quick custom solutions
  • Launch quick into the market
  • Get your competitive edge
  • Custom functionality development
ERP Connectors 1

ERP Connectors

  • Centralized database for businesses
  • Monitor business processes, workflows
  • Access to customer, supplier, inventory
  • Facilitating data transfers
API Integration 1

API Integration

  • Custom API design and development
  • Integration of pre-built apps
  • Keep data sync with existing system
  • Enhance system productivity
Shopify App Development Company

Shopify App Development Company – Untapped Potential

With the immense growth of Shopify, app development for the platform is equally lucrative. The Shopify app store has 2500+ apps/plugins and most of them are top sellers. But what should you build?

According to our database ecosystem, personalized or custom commerce experiences (for building a loyal customer base), VR, AR (Shopify users using AR increased 62% in 2021), blockchain, NFTs (merchants have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment), and supply chain logistics (post-covid 40% merchants reported supply chain issues impacting customers) are a few trends you can cash upon.

Benefits of Shopify App Development

Benefits of Shopify App Development Services

Why CodeNinja for Shopify App Development Services?

Shopify development 1

End-to-end Shopify Development

Either a pre-built store or a renovation, we do end-to-end development where we follow predefined processes so that not a single standard gets missing - from design concept to planning to product development and launch. E2E sets efficient workflow for a business this could mean cost, time, and hiring qualified developers.

Easy configurations 1

Easy & Effortless Configurations

We eliminate render blocking issues, serving images in next-gen format, remove unused JavaScript like themes and plugins, reduce initial server load time etc. They may seem small steps, but this helps us in easy configurations. Our systematic approach is quicker, more reliable and more flexible.

Long term partnerships 1

Long-term Partnerships

We fight for long-term partnerships and deliver more than just execution of a project. Our clients' satisfaction rate is more than 90%, which is why they ask for further development services once their project is done.  We take the pain of the client and aim at resolving so that client could actually get value-added services from Code Ninja.

Processes automation 1

Processes Automation

Increase sales 3x times by automating your Shopify store processes. From merchandising, inventory management, invoices to delivery – all processes could be streamlined. We often suggest businesses shift their focus from repetitive daily tasks to productive business goals. For this, there are innumerable Shopify apps, we can build, integrate and customize.

Types of Shopify Application Development

Something for everyone

If you want a solid tech fix or add new feature, searching for the perfect-match app will leave you bewildered. Mainly because there are so many choices and so many apps in almost all categories from merchandise management, content, social media, to customers and more.

Let us help you clear what types of Shopify application development we do.

Distributing Apps

Public apps, available for install on Shopify app store and custom app for custom features are amongst distributing apps. Public app clients ask us for development are available for many merchants whereas custom app development is meant for a single merchant. Depending upon client requirements we choose the app type but once selected, can’t go back.

Private & Unpublished Apps

Private apps are highly specialized and meant for a single store. Such apps are meant for the store in question particularly and may not be reused like public apps. Unpublished app is another type of public app but for one or multiple merchants with the same functionality. Private and unpublished apps are no longer developed as Shopify has deprecated them. So, we do not recommend developing such apps.

Embedded Apps

For extending experience of a Shopify store, such apps are of great help. These apps are integrated with the store using Shopify App Bridge and can be seen in the Shopify admin or POS directly. One of the plus points of developing such apps is that already existing user interface elements can be used for a new functionality.

Standalone Apps

Unlike embedded apps, such apps don’t integrate into Shopify admin or POS directly. This means you have to take another step in case you want them inside your store. Usually, embedded apps are recommended as they consume less time in development and integration into the retailer’s store.

Shopify App Development Solutions for Different Industries

Business 1


Orders management | Data Handling | Automation | Emails | Helpdesk

education 1


Remote-enabled | Contact management | Emails | Automation | Helpdesk

lifestyle 1


Prioritize tasks | Track performance | Timeline | Reminders | Widgets



Streaming | Track trends | Content flow | Branding

shopping 1


1-step registration | Advance search | Detail Product Info | Fast Checkout | AI-backed live chat

travel 1


Geo-tracking | Weather forecasting | In-app translator | Currency converter | Time converter

Medical 1


Appointments | Prescriptions | Video calls | Profiles (doctor and patient) | Dashboards

Finance 1


Accounting | Invoices | Expenses | Budgeting

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