Magento Website Design

If structured properly and SEO-optimized, Magento website design converts very well. Around 28.6 trillion revenue is expected by the end of 2023 in retail sales. Therefore, moving to Magento website design and development would be a wise choice.

Do you know among the top 10k web stores, Magento has a share of 7%, WooCommerce share is 8% and Shopify is leading with 19%? The Magento 2022 stats are researched by BuiltWith.

Magento is experiencing massive growth ever since 2011 hence driving B2B and B2C merchants to go digital.
Magento is an open-source CMS (Content Management System), feature-rich, highly intuitive interface fulfilling the marketing and merchandising needs. Like said earlier, Magento is the third most popular CMS for ecommerce websites after WooCommerce and Shopify. It offers accessibility and integration options or can say plugins for scaling any ecommerce store. This customizable feature makes it a flexible ecommerce platform empowering a store.

A tailor-fit approach of Magento web design helps an ecommerce brand reflect its identity. Plugin integrations or partnering with a service provider can boost your store performance immensely. Unleash a powerful inbuilt toolkit for leveraging your marketing and merchandising requirements.

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How it Works(Process)


Establishes goals, Identify target persona


determine market & best practices

Architecture/ wireframing

website mock-up framework


brand look, user interface, page layouts


coded website with rigorous testing

Integration & Launch

CRM, ERP, POS integrations, launch and support

Magento Web Design Services we offer

Explore Magento Web Design Services of CodeNinja to make achieve business goals

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Magento responsive designs we built are adaptable; resize themselves proportionately on smart/mobile devices. From large, high-resolution desktop monitors to smart mobile and tablet screens. Our powerful sites are known for their speed and responsiveness since we go the extra mile for an ideal user experience. Crafts optimal viewing experience of RWD nobody else doing our way.

Store RevampFacelift

Store Revamp/Facelift

Thinking of remodeling your retail business online? Giving it a facelift can help in boosting not only the sales but the interlinked fact that your users’ experience will amplify. Do not drive away your potential customers, we offer intuitive designs that won’t stall or glitch, rather will add value.

Magento Custom Theme Development

Custom Template

Should you invest in the custom theme? If you're considering custom design for your Magento site, you’re not alone. An outdated theme template gives your web store an odd and unpleasant look. We suggest custom theme design for creating a cohesive branding impact. Custom theme drives the web store design by making the layout unique, and set of features placed specifically according to a particular business need.

PSD to Magento web design

Psd to Magento Web Design

At Code Ninja, our PSD to Magento web design service includes responsive theme, cross browser compatible code, SEO-optimization, and W3C validated HTML. A solution where PSD converts into a beautiful, responsive and user friendly Magento theme by using professional design interfaces rendering exceptional browsing experiences. In short, you get a fully-functional Magento theme ‘working-well’ on your converted store.

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Graphic Designing

Either custom or bought theme, the importance of visual communication cannot be undermined. The problem-solving approach via design by using one or more typography, photography and illustrations. High skilled force of graphic designers works on Magento websites and make them ‘visually-interesting’. After the web navigation is planned, web wireframes are prepared which later are used by graphic designers for seamless user experience at every stage of the buyer journey.

Custom item categories mega menu

Custom Item Categories & Mega Menu

Menu styling, how to create new menu themes and apply them to menus sometimes become confusing and may upset web design. Mega menus are not trending, they are vital as they let websites categorize their products/services. We help in applying custom styling to individual menu items, custom colors, background images and labels – can do as per needed.

Custom landing pages

Custom Landing Pages

A personalized and relevant experience is what offers dramatically more customer engagement. Custom landing pages designed here at Code Ninja are targeted towards segmented customer populations and trigger marketing reactions based on set company goals. No matter how well crafted a theme-based landing page is, a custom designed page translates your audience into buying customer.

Custom gift certificate email templates

Custom Gift Certificate & Email Templates

Make more impact with the custom gift certificate and email templates, this helps our clients at advance-level segmentation. Moreover, reaching different sets of customers with different interests and buying habits. Improves email marketing consistency manyfold. Custom templates increase opportunities in designing email campaigns, making the whole sending and receiving emails faster.

Conversion optimization

Conversion Optimized

We devise conversion rate optimization strategy as if the designed website works at its best. While each CRO strategy varies from company or client to client, general A/B testing remains. Identifying key metrics, target audience, collecting user feedback, and all relevant data make strategic decisions easy. The end goal is to convert more visitors into paying customers.

Search and social optimized

Search and Social Optimized

Designing a website is not it, rather clients ask us for optimization of their social ages and search results on Google. We know design is one part of selling and optimization is another one. Search and social optimized websites boost business performance – account optimization, social searchability, content strategy and running paid campaigns are some highlights of what we do.

What are the features and processes driving custom Magento website design cost?

Custom theme design, can get a template from a marketplace (both free or paid) or hire a designer to build one from scratch. Hosting is another factor that depends on the size of your Magento store and the amount of traffic coming to that store.

Extensions like anything come with some price tag as they enhance the functionality of the store in many ways. You will need dozens of them while developing.

Data migration, depending upon the size of the data, requires to be imported. Lastly comes maintenance, your website or store needs regular updates, and remains at the risk of security.

Features and processes driving custom Magento website design cost

A typical workflow of a Magento ecommerce design project

Market research & UX audit

Market research & UX audit

We kickstart with an in-depth competitor analysis. Our in-house team conducts extensive research on the target audience and builds buyer personas and simulates possible interests and behaviors in the form of user stories. Then, the UX audit is conducted based on existing audience, traffic, engagement, business performance or any related metrics for better understanding of the user needs.

User interaction and navigation pattern

For smooth navigation of a user from the first website interaction to the last i.e., checkout, we plan easy-to-use user navigation of a web store. Our designers do their best, they keep their tabs from establishing a corporate identity to estimated delivery, payment options, shipping, and return policies.

User interaction and navigation pattern
Wireframes and usability testing

Wireframes and usability testing

Once we plan the navigation and interaction of a user, we go for wireframes/ mockups. Workable wireframes are then tested thoroughly, majorly usability testing to see if the user journey stays ideal and friendly. UX design strives to deliver tailored Magento experiences no one else offers.

UI design and front-end development

Forming UI kits for all necessary UI components, rules for applying color schemes to websites and prototype stores aligned with brand vision. Experienced front end Magento developers devise UI design into a clean and easy-to-manage code. Utilize agile methods, usability and user acceptance testing core part of development.

UI design and front-end development

Benefits of Magento Website Design

Benefits of Magento Website Design
Benefits of Magento Website Design

Why Code Ninja for Magento Web Design?

We help you reach the stars you’re shooting for.

Magento Certified Developers

For over 5 years, Code Ninja has contributed to shaping Magento projects through custom integrations, extensions, features, and more. Our out of the box approach lets us push the limits and delivers the best quality on time. We stay at the forefront of the Magento website design and development by creating visually appealing, fully-functional and dynamic Magento websites. Thus, endorsing the brand identity and business goals.

UI/UX Solutions Architects

Solutions architects of our teamwork develop software by infusing user interface knowledge. They understand how end-users use software, and collaborate with user experience designers, engineers, and graphic designers. Provide a high-level view of the product /software design. Often work closely with research teams too.

Enterprise Level Security Protocols

Code Ninja developers' custom develops everything literally and doesn’t heavily rely on third-party tools which is why our security protocols are pretty much solid. Wherever we use plugins we ensure strict maintenance and if exploits are found, we find and fix them with a proactive approach. Magento 2 update has improved site speed and security, if you are still using Magento 1, reach out.

Digital Marketing, Reporting and Analytics

Once your Magento website gets live, you can seek benefit from our digital marketing strategists as they prepare 1-year plan for getting traffic, more buys/leads, boost conversion rates, improve search engine rankings and frequent reporting about the progress.

Feature-rich Implementations

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the features Magento offers: powerful admin dashboard, mobile responsive functionality, multiple storefront management, analytics and reporting tools, 3rd party integrations, drag and drop page builder, customer segmentation and personalization, preview and staging environment, instant one page checkout, upsell and cross-sell tools, multiple currencies, multilingual support, payment gateway integrations and rule-based product arrangement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A small project typically takes 6-8 weeks whereas medium to large size Magento website design projects can easily take from 6 months to a year. Again, it depends on the number of features or project scope as a whole, custom design, integration specifications and more.

An open-source community platform available in multiple versions like free, enterprise, and hosted. Magento isn’t like WordPress or any other CMS, made particularly for ecommerce websites. Such websites are mobile responsive and deliver awesome experiences on any browsing device.

One big plus for large or enterprise-level websites is ‘a single back-end with multiple storefronts. Usually, ecommerce stores are on a single setup. Allows store owners to opt for multiple looks and designs for every website.

Flexibility and scalability are other reasons why you should choose Magento for website design. Magento websites can seamlessly adapt to any new extensions or custom features.

Magento custom theme design helps in branding and establishing a unique identity. Magento market themes come in handy as they are ready with a certain set of elements and features, and let users customize.

Custom theme design by Magento website design company may seem time-consuming but these themes really help in standing out from your market competition. Deliver amazing results in terms of consumer conversion and engagement.

It depends. The selection of a suitable ecommerce platform for creating, managing, and maintaining an online store is critical for success. Shopify has a wide selection of themes to choose from whereas Magento may not have that much collection. Anyhow, more of the themes are paid on Shopify and apps integration into a store can be complex sometimes.

Shopify is a hosted solution where you will be paying for the hosting services too. However, Magento requires the store owner to provide the hosting, installation, setup and configuration before actually creating a store.

Shopify is ideal for beginners, Magento will be comparatively complex and suitable for advance developers.

Shopify is cost effective as it comes with its free version whereas Magento paid version is expensive and more suitable for enterprise level companies.

Magento and WooCommerce are both free and open-source platforms. On the flip side, the costs of building and managing a Magento-based website or an ecommerce store are way higher than WooCommerce. Although the Magento platform is older than WooCommerce that is the space where WooCommerce is taking an edge.

In case an enterprise level website with complex features is required, Magento is an ideal choice. The features and the integration possibilities are immense. WooCommerce is highly compatible with other CMS, majorly WordPress websites which is one of world’s strongest content management system.

Scope of the project helps in giving the estimates for building a Magento website. A use case – 20 pages website with 150 products would have different price whereas 100 pages website with 500 products would have different. From $50k to$250 and above, we did different sorts of Magento projects.

For a well-rounded customer experience, Magento could be your ultimate choice. It has everything you need, an extensive list of in-built features, and massive 3rd party integrations. An open-source and a free way to start an online business. Although, you will always be in need of an experienced developer since the interface is not for beginners. You won’t get hosting unlike Shopify ecommerce platform.

They trust our Magento Skills.

They trust our Magento Skills.

"Their innovative ideas were really impressive."

Director, Data Science Company
Director, Data Science Company

"The project was successfully delivered."

Scientist, Research Institute, Singapore
Scientist, Research Institute, Singapore

"Their work ethic and professionalism made us a returning partner."

Abdul Raouf
Competency Head, TallyMarks Consulting

"We were impressed with their technical knowledge and quick onboarding of the problem space."

Faisal Zahid
Co-Founder, Zarya App

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