Magento Integration Services

Integrations are what make Magento unique to your business and its processes. This is where you go beyond the basics and create an e-commerce ecosystem complete with frontend user experience, automations, and backend processes to provide your customers with that all-important omnichannel customer experience and your business with insight-driven decision making for continued success.
Be it third-party tools integration or custom integrations, CodeNinja has in-the-trenches experience with Magento integrations that are practical and drive immense value for your e-commerce business by optimizing sales opportunities.

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Magento Integration Services

Top Magento integrations for business operational and commercial success that Code Ninja holds exceptional expertise in. 

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Magento ERP Integration

  • Integrated and Synced Processes
  • Better Data Utilization
  • Stronger ERP System
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Magento CRM Integration

  • Optimized Sales Processes
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved User Experience
  • Better Customer Data Management
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Magento Analytics Integration

  • Custom Third-Party Integrations
  • Recognizing Buying Trends
  • Better Customer Insights
  • Right Promotions at the Right Time
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Payment Gateway Integration

  • High Volume of Payment Transactions Processed
  • Out-of-the-box Solution
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Marketing Tools Integration

  • Integration with Top Marketing Tools
  • Handling Extensive Customer E-mail Lists
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Order Management Integration

  • Automated Order Management
  • Integrated ERP Systems
  • Detailed Customer Information Stored

We also Provide Custom Magento Integrations Solutions.

Extend Your E-commerce Ecosystem with Magento Integration Solutions

You can essentially use Magento integrations to extend the functionalities of your e-commerce store in any operational area of your business.

For example, Magento integration with renowned accounting software such as FreshBooks, Xero, QuickBooks, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. enables your store to automatically execute exporting all financial records to your chosen accounting software. These provide you with the capability to automate bookkeeping, reconcile payments, generate invoices, initiate purchase orders, track accounts receivables, and generate live view financial reports. 

These integrations eliminate human errors, save you time, give you the flexibility to access your financial data from anywhere, at any time and most importantly make business-critical decision making swift and accurate.

Extend your E-commerce Ecosystem with Magento Integration Solutions

Why Magento Integration

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Enhanced User Experiences

Leverage Experience Design for Superior Customer Experience | Intuitive UI/UX | Omnichannel Shopping Experience

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Syncs Organizational System

Integrate all backend & frontend systems | Leverage CRM | Advanced Cloud Solutions

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Builds Omnichannel Capabilities

Begin & end buying on different channels | Integrated Multi-channel Marketing | Cross Channel Promotions

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Easier Checkout

One-click checkout | Intuitive Buying Experience |24 Hour Live Chat Support

Magento Integration Solutions We Offer

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  • QuickBooks Integration for Magento
  • FreshBooks Integration for Magento
  • Xero Accountancy & Bookkeeping Integration for Magento
  • Saasu Accounting Integration for Magento
  • MYOB Accounting Integration for Magento
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  • Actionable Google Analytics Integration for Magento
  • Google Analytics Plugin for Magento 2
  • Advanced Reports Integration for Magento
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  • Amazon Magento Integration 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration for Magento
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CRM & Marketing

  • Salesforce Integration for Magento
  • HubSpot Integration for Magento
  • Zoho Integration for Magento 
  • Vtiger Integration for Magento
  • Freshsales Integration for Magento
  • AgileCRM Integration for Magento
  • EngagBay Integration for Magento
  • SugarCRM Integration for Magento
Union 14

Customer Support

  • Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks Integration for Magento
  • Help Desk MX by Mirasvit Integration for Magento
  • Help Desk Pro by Mage World Integration for Magento
Union 15


  • MySQL database management system Integration for Magento
  • Percona database Integration for Magento 
  • Mariadb database Integration for Magento
Union 16

Developer Tools

  • Magento Debug Integration for Magento
  • PHPStorm Integration for Magento
  • MageTool Integration for Magento
  • Magento PHPUnit Integration for Magento
  • Easy Template Path Hints Integration for Magento
Union 17


  • Odoo Integration for Magento
  • Boost My Shop Integration for Magento
  • SYSPRO ERP Integration for Magento
  • Khaos Control Integration for Magento
  • Infor Integration for Magento
  • True ERP Integration for Magento
  • NetSuite ERP Integration for Magento
Union 19

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal Integration for Magento
  • Stripe Integration for Magento
  • CartaSi Integration for Magento
  • SagePay Integration for Magento
  • WorldPay Integration for Magento
  • 2Checkout Integration for Magento
  • EBizCharge Integration for Magento
Union 21

Shipping Services

  • WhatsApp Order Notification Magento Shipping Plugin Integration for Magento
  • MatrixRate by WebShopApps Magento Shipping Add-On Integration for Magento
  • Multiple Flat-Rate Shipping Plugin for Magento
  • Payment Restrictions Extension Plugin For Magento
  • Shipping Restriction Shipment Extension For Magento
  • One Step Checkout Magento 2 Shipping Extension
Union 22

Shopping Carts

  • AJAX Cart Pro by Aheadworks Extension Integration for Magento
  • AJAX Shopping Cart by Amasty Extension Integration for Magento
  • Cart Rule Per Store View by BssCommerce Extension Integration for Magento
  • Instant Cart by MageWorx Extension Integration for Magento
  • Abandoned Cart by TemplatesMaster Extension Integration for Magento
Union 24


  • Mopinion Feedback Survey Extension Integration for Magento
  • The Feedback Company Connect Plugin Integration for Magento
  • Zenloop Customer Feedback Extension Integration for Magento
  • Feedback Request Form Plugin Integration for Magento
  • Blue Form Builder Extension Integration for Magento
  • Powr Form Builder Plugin Integration for Magento
  • Contact Form Builder Flexibleforms Extension Integration for Magento

Benefits of Magento Integration Services

Benefits of Magento Integration Services
Benefits of Magento Integration Services

Why Code Ninja for Magento Integration

Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

We have extensive experience transforming ordinary online stores by leveraging Magento customisations and integrations to advanced e-commerce businesses that continuously evolve and grow.  We have built up unique expertise over the years that give your e-commerce business the necessary tools and functionalities to make growth happen. Code Ninja has the special expertise to deliver small and complex, large-scale Magento projects with custom features that give e-commerce businesses unique competitive advantages.

Experienced & Certified Professionals

CodeNinja has an exceptionally capable team of Magento developers and consultants working under the mentorship of a coveted, highly experienced, and accredited senior leadership team. This combination has wonders for us in successfully delivering one-of-a-kind projects. But we also realise that Magento, much like the other top leading e-commerce platforms out there, evolves at a hyper pace. There is always something new happening to keep up with. And therefore, at Code Ninja, we take up-skilling seriously. This ensures that our consultants are always skilled with the latest technology and business use cases.

On-Time Delivery

One of the cornerstones of our success has been being efficient with one of our most valuable resources; time - and that of our clients. In the e-commerce industry, moving swiftly can really be the difference between success and failure. First-movers' advantage is significant in the space. While being timely with patches, updates, and security fixes can help avoid any downtime and with it, the loss of any valuable business. It all begins with having an accurate idea of the project's timeline and a comprehensive plan to achieve it on budget and on time. Code Ninja has a proven track record of swiftly delivering projects without compromising on the quality of the end product.

End-to-End Support

Again with technology, swift support from your technology partner is essential for success and Code Ninja fully embodies this hugely overlooked aspect of service. Doesn't matter if you are going for a new implementation or already have an existing Magento e-commerce store, Code Ninja prides itself in providing consummate, end-to-end support services. From the very first consultation sessions for clients with an existing Magento store to long after a new implementation, you will find the quality of Code Ninja's end-to-end support service stellar and unwaning. 

Best Industry Practices

The Magento platform and the e-commerce industry are continuously and rapidly evolving. And therefore, Magento service providers always need to stay up-to-date with the best industry practices to be able to deliver the best Magento services and products. Following industry best practices also has the added benefit of allowing your Magento e-commerce business to adhere to industry standards and protocols in all sub-domains. This enables your business to be flexible and not dependant on any single Magento service provider or legacy systems and protocols. 

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