Magento Ecommerce Development Services

Recalibrate your website with Magento ecommerce development services and make it responsive, and resilient at enterprise scale. Reach out to the world, meet the needs of the customers, enhance visibility, multiple storefronts, and more. Magento ecommerce development will help bring you closer to the world markets, making it easy for you to sell products without thinking of geographical boundaries.
We can surely say that it’s the only best platform that can store and manage hundreds and thousands of products without any hassle. Alongside, Magento is ideal in a way that it’s equally beneficial for inventory management. In case you have a third party for inventory management, this platform works like your buddy.

Magento ecommerce development services will help bring you closer to the world markets, making it easy for you to sell products without thinking of geographical boundaries.

Magento Acts as a Powerhouse for Performance and Scalability

A global leader in next-generation ecommerce development and consulting services. Whether you have a few to hundreds or thousands of products to accommodate in your store, Magento can compensate more and perform at the top at the same time.

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Our Core Magento Ecommerce Development Services

For a fully-functional Magento ecommerce website, we concentrate on the fundamental operations of your business. Here’s a list of our Magento ecommerce development services.

Layer 1 8

Magento Ecommerce Store Development

  • Full cycle custom Magento development
  • Designing and developing custom-made solution
  • Agile devOps, and rapid ecomm app development
  • Digitize operations and automate processes
  • UI-UX design services
Group 16517

Magento Consulting Services

  • In-house team of Magento consultants
  • Guide businesses on achieving business goals
  • Design, development, UI/UX consultation
  • Architecture and design consultancy
Group 16736

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

  • Migration of the store data
  • Safe migration without data loss
  • Upgradation & migration of legacy systems
  • Manual and automated migration practices
  • Compatibility check with current themes
Platform Migration

Platform Migration

  • Migration services for all platforms
  • Database migration
  • Extensions update
  • Theme migration
  • Store customization
  • Strategy and consulting
Group 16728

Customized Magento Theme Development

  • Team of professional UI/UX designers
  • Research on theme development
  • Strategic design consultation
  • New storefront theme development
Layer 1 16

Magento Store Customisation

  • Magento theme customization
  • Magento store design
  • Installation and setup
  • UI/UX revamp/redesign
  • Custom Magento extensions
Group 16738

Magento Extensions Development

  • Boost store performance and functionality
  • Custom development or ready-made solution integration
  • Dedicated Magento development team
  • Understanding business requirements/scope
Group 16717

Magento Support and Maintenance

  • Constant monitoring and optimization
  • Database support
  • Backend and frontend performance optimization
  • Migration to Magento 2
  • Custom integrations

Our Magento Ecommerce Development Process

Group 118011

Start Managing Your Business with Our Extended Magento Ecommerce Development Services!

Magento eCommerce Development Drives Higher Conversions

Market Segmentation and Sales

Whether a small business or a large conglomerate, Magento quickly connects you to the right audience if the segmentation is done right. Magento doesn’t only support the design and development part of your e-commerce store, but helps in accelerating sales by offering audience segmentation and reporting. Based on cart and buying history, Magento offers segmentation. So that any store owner can personalize the relevant content.

Magento ecommerce development drives higher conversions
ecommerce solutions powered by Magento 2

Next-Generation eCommerce Solutions Powered by Magento 2

Don’t settle for what’s already in the market. Ask for customized designs as offered by Magento 2, uplift your store look and feel instantly. Ecommerce stores on Magento 2 are like a full suite, most-used features are built-in, little to less use of custom functionality. Magento 2 has new modules, extensions, custom Magento theme designs and enhanced performance.

Magento eCommerce Development Services Company with Ready-Made Out Of the Box Solutions

Omnichannel Experience, Integrate with more Marketplaces

Magento ecommerce store sales options enriched by integrating it to high volume driving stores like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping etc. We educate our clients to widen their reach and integrate with popular stores for harnessing the true potential of your customers. Some readymade features from sales point-of-view include: create, manage and monitor coupon codes, multi-tier pricing options, multi-language and currency support, catalog promotional pricing etc.

Magento ecommerce agency with pre-made solutions
dedicated Magento development team

Hire a Dedicated Development Team of Magento Developers From CodeNinja

Being a lead Magento ecommerce development services provider, we offer distinguished and viable solutions while developing any Magento store. The end goal is to increase revenue/growth of our client’s business. Hire a dedicated development team of Magento Developers and forget about the hassle of hiring or work milestones. No unexpected crashes, or downtime, expect a smooth-running ecommerce store.

Benefits of Magento eCommerce Development

Benefits of Magento E-commerce development
benefits of magneto ecommrce development services

Why CodeNinja for Magento eCommerce Development

Client-First Development Approach

CodeNinja is a top-tier Magento Ecommerce development services provider where client-first is our approach. We listen to the needs of the client and offer full-cycle development. Online store functionality is improved by using extensions in a way that they won’t hurt site speed yet delivers a seamless integrating experience.

Balanced Cost-Wise Solution

We don’t deliver cheap solutions; we offer top-of-the-line Magento development solutions. By looking into the project intricacies, a strategic plan covers how many developers with the right skillset are required for the project. Overheads, not in our case because our due diligence is aligned from day one.

Clean Code Promise

Not any run-of-the-mill coding company, we strictly follow Magento coding standards and never deviate from them. Clean code helps clients better understand their project too. Coding audit services are critical for code quality check, hence for better site security.

Scalable and Prompt Development

Businesses evolve with time and so do their needs. Every business is dynamic and we extend our support for every sort of business with our scalable and prompt development Magento solutions. We dislike being passive in the process of business development, only advise best possible transformations with value.

Scheduled Audits and Health Checkups

If a client seeks our support and maintenance service after the project is completed, we make sure site health checkups are aligned regularly. Scheduling frequent audits so that site security remains unhurt, saving you from disturbing outcomes or consequences due to security breaches.

In-house Consulting

Service providers rarely care if you’re doing good in the business but we take keen interest. In-house Magento consultation is our standalone service and suggests Magento development if needed, thus our involvement ensures if the client is getting maximum business value or not.

Ready-Made Extensions Selection

Providing the optimal combination of custom and ready-made solutions. Custom development often relies on ready-made and custom extensions. We have some ready-made extensions that work well and reduce development time. Extension selection, purchase, installation, and configuration are all done with the consent of the client.

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Submit a request and we ‘ll get in touch within a day

Thank you for filling out your information!

We have received your message and sent you an email with the Company Profile Link at the email address you provided.

If your inquiry is urgent, please use the whatsapp number listed below to talk to one of our staff members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We assign project delivery managers with every project, however, assigned team members also give insight on project execution and progress. Instead of getting in contact with different people and remaining confused, we suggest keeping a single person as a ‘point of contact’. Thus, you will receive more transparency from our end throughout the project development and execution.

We follow time and material, fixed price and dedicated team business models. Staff augmentation is one of our core strength, and we spin teams for building any ecommerce store.

Pricing structure of a project depends on a number of factors i.e., business requirements/ scope, number of required resources, and time it will take. A comprehensive analysis document is emphasized upon so that development team stays clear on execution. This prevents the project consuming more than required time and also won’t go over budget.

On top of all, we keep track of change requests throughout the development lifecycle.

After the completion of the project, we offer 60 days of Magento development support. It starts right after the last milestone is delivered/executed.

However, our clients used to ask for constant and continual support by paying, depending upon the need.

Yes, we keep our ethical grounds and will send source files once the project is completed. Also, we do not keep source code to ourselves for security breaches unlike other companies.

We keep NDA documents in place too, so that both parties get legally bond and won’t get swayed by change requests and get out of budget.

What is an overall experience of your Magento team? Do you have in-house capacity for handling Magento project development?

More than 20 in-house Magento developers are available and we do staff augmentation too. Also, around 150 workforce is working in union to deliver unparallel projects’ quality. Usually, we set up a discovery call for project understanding and later when client and Magento teams get sync define roles ‘who will do what’. What’s the average cost of Magento ecommerce website development?

The cost of a Magento website development depends on requirements. Basic stores’ requirements are simple and can be managed within 3 months maximum whereas complex stores like the enterprise level require more time (for instance 6months) and there will be more features and extensions required to be integrated. Here we are trying to give you a brief picture of cost estimations.

A basic Magento store will cost you around $50,000-70,000. Whereas, for an enterprise edition you will have to pay around $150,000-300,000.

Power your Magento store development with true expertise for a tangible business value. Send us your project brief, we will outline cost and timeline along with resources and share cost estimations.

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