Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Streamlining Processes: CodeNinja's Strategic Deployment of Odoo ERP at 24SEVEN


24SEVEN, a leading FMCG wholesale distributor, encountered significant challenges in managing its complex operations and expanding product lines efficiently. The company’s growth trajectory highlighted the urgent need for a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. CodeNinja, renowned for its expertise in IT solutions, was selected to implement Odoo ERP’s default modules, aiming to overhaul 24SEVEN’s operations and elevate its business performance.


Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Unify diverse business operations on a single platform to ensure seamless control and enhanced visibility.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

Introduce automated workflows to minimize manual errors and boost operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leverage integrated CRM functionalities to refine customer interactions.



Deliver a scalable ERP solution to support 24SEVEN's expansion plans.

Implementation Process:

Needs Assessment

CodeNinja embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of 24SEVEN’s existing operations, pinpointing inefficiencies and areas ripe for enhancement. This involved close collaboration with 24SEVEN’s key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of their specific needs and expectations.

Customization and Configuration

Utilizing Odoo ERP’s versatile modules, CodeNinja customized the platform to align with 24SEVEN’s distinct business requirements. This customization spanned across critical modules such as inventory management, sales, purchasing, finance, and CRM, ensuring a perfect fit for 24SEVEN’s operational model.

Data Migration

CodeNinja executed a meticulous data migration strategy, transferring existing data to the Odoo ERP system with a keen focus on maintaining data integrity and ensuring continuity of operations.

Training and Change Management

Recognizing the importance of smooth system adoption, CodeNinja provided extensive training to 24SEVEN’s workforce. Effective change management practices were also employed to facilitate the transition and promote system acceptance across the organization.

Integration with Existing Systems

To ensure a cohesive technology ecosystem, CodeNinja integrated Odoo ERP with 24SEVEN’s existing systems, enabling unified data management and comprehensive business insights.

Go-live and Support

The transition to Odoo ERP was executed in phases to minimize operational disruption. Following the go-live, CodeNinja remained engaged, offering ongoing support and system optimization services to address any challenges and enhance system performance.

In conclusion, the strategic implementation of Odoo ERP by CodeNinja and its implementation partner for Nutribel (Private) Limited stands as a testament to how customized ERP solutions can effectively tackle specific business challenges, driving substantial improvements. With a strengthened operational infrastructure, Nutribel is now better positioned to continue its mission of delivering healthy snack options to the Pakistani market, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness in a dynamic industry.


Efficient Operations

The implementation of Odoo ERP centralized 24SEVEN’s operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Automated Workflows

The automation of critical processes drastically cut down manual errors, freeing up staff to concentrate on strategic tasks.

Real-time Reporting

Enhanced reporting capabilities provided 24SEVEN’s management with immediate access to vital data, supporting informed decision-making.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The integration of advanced CRM features significantly improved customer engagement, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.


Odoo ERP’s scalable architecture ensured that 24SEVEN could easily adapt the system to match its growth trajectory, securing its future success.

In conclusion, CodeNinja’s adept implementation of Odoo ERP at 24SEVEN has revolutionized the company’s operational framework, driving efficiencies, and laying a robust foundation for continued expansion. This partnership between CodeNinja and 24SEVEN serves as a benchmark for how tailored ERP solutions can effectively address the unique challenges faced by FMCG wholesale distributors, propelling them towards enduring market success.