How a Californian health-tech enterprise built offshore engineering team

Industry: Healthcare
Skill: Advance
Technology: Next.js, Type Script, MySQL, Healthie,, Big Commerce, Storyblok, ZenDesk, Auth0, Recurly, Klaviyo


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

An incredible startup team backed by iconic Tony Robbins was building a personalized and integrated health platform providing nutraceuticals to advanced therapeutics, enabling performance optimization especially for midlife audiences.  

They were looking for distributed, cross-cultural teams with cognitive diversity. CodeNinja augmented a team who developed a number of core product features including user interfaces, processes, integrations, middleware and backend engineering. The backlog and the architecture were sought by the engineering leadership in California however to fill-in key talent gaps, they opted for CodeNinja staff augmentation services.  

Engineering leadership assembled a cross-cultural, distributed team from Russia, US, Georgia, Pakistan and Costa Rica, since the product was meant to be global. CodeNinja team was led by a software architect, and full stack senior software engineers, alongside the global team. They built the product in a record time earning applause from Tony Robbins himself. 

offshore engineering team
  • Building a personalized and integrated health platform providing nutraceuticals to advanced therapeutics 
  • To fill in key talent gaps, the venture opted for CodeNinja staff augmentation services 
  • Engineering leadership assembled a cross-cultural team from Russia, US, Georgia, Pakistan and Costa Rica for the global product 
  • CodeNinja engineers built the product in record time earning applause from Tony Robbins himself 

Hear from Director Communications

Listen to Umar's explanation of this extensive implementation, how the engineers overcame challenges, dodged risks and delivered the promised.

Muhammad Umar a.k.a Co-Founder & VP Engineering at CodeNinja Inc.
Umar has 10 years of experience in the software industry and is specialized in high-performance technology engineering. He loves exploring and experimenting with new ideas and innovation. Umar is passionate about all things tech!

Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

The technical excellence of CodeNinja’s team takes you halfway to success and this telemedicine startup was on its way. The team understood their business domain and applied a mature development approach. Our system of development lifecycle and software engineering skills for arriving at a predictable process helped us minimize risks and cut costs. 

We placed a high value on transparency and extensive communication during development, ensuring the needs and expectations of our partner are met completely. Our partner was able to keep track of crucial details without losing sight of the bigger picture.  

CodeNinja offers managed remote teams as a flexible and cost-effective option for companies who aim to quickly augment development resources and improve their ROI on product development.  

CodeNinja engineers delivered flexible, cost-effective and integrated health system on top of a digital platform. This made it easier for product members to use actual data-driven insights to stay proactive during and even after their midlife.  

The product now enables US-based users to complete a survey, get feedback as well as blood test recommendations and view its results. Users can also schedule a teleconference with practitioners, both during initial conversion and to review their regimen later. They can check out with both non-recurring and recurring products as well.

  • CodeNinja understood the business domain and applied mature development approach 
  • Helped our partners keep track of crucial details without losing sight of the bigger picture 
  • The product now enables US-based users to complete survey/quiz and get feedback as well as medical advice 
  • Users can login to portal, view their blood test reports and history. They can also schedule teleconferences with practitioners

Technology stack

Our recipe of tools, applications, and services
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Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities
On Site Engineers

Team Spinning/Augmentation, A Systematic On-boarding Process

Although requirements were in place, our partner needed a quick team launchpad. Hence, we spun the team according to their needs and onboarded the right resources within just 2 weeks. This saved a lot of time on hiring and taking lengthy interviews, yet they got an in-house highly skilled team with autonomy over the development process.  

CodeNinja evaluated the resources on technical capabilities, communication skills, fit for remote work, and 6 interviews for demonstration of technical skills. Usually, the CodeNinja talent cloud is filled with pre-sourced, pre-vetted engineers & this shortens the onboarding time by more than 80%. 

With the CodeNinja development team, they hired other distributed teams from the US, Georgia, Russia, and Costa Rica. The direct management of the resources was catered for by our partners themselves.

Managed Solution

Integrations and Automations

We devised business and development logic around three major areas: uncontrolled (nutraceuticals), controlled (hormones and peptides), and diagnostics. We implemented PIM, CMS, OMS, CRM, payment, pricing, subscription, ERP/Accounting, Cart, and Integration Software.  

Healthie, a telehealth app was integrated which connects physicians with the end user. Butterfly Labs was integrated for seeking blood tests, results display on the product. integration helped in automation of different processes like seeking blood tests from Butterfly Labs, physician consultation notes, user quiz/assessment test, 60-days later follow-up assessment, customer support agent and physician allocation.  

User journey tracker, another key process was introduced to track the path of the user and enable the product in personalizing user experiences. 


Providing Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers

Our partner had a vision of a platform that offers a new way to approach the health and well-being of midlife with the latest tech. CodeNinja brought this vision to life, translating it into an interactive ecosystem. A digital trusted guide — a single, integrated health solution with a monthly turnover of 1k customers.  


Our partners appreciating our work with their kind words

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