Building SAP for mom and pop stores with 24SEVEN

Industry: Food Retail
Skill: Advance
Technology: Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Enterprise), PWA, React JS, NodeJS, Odoo, Google Cloud Platform, Speech recognition engine, Kotlin, Java., Big Query.


Brainstorming to get cracking and restore order

To create a seamless and unified digital experience for all the stakeholders across the value chain, there was a family of challenges we needed to solve. 

24SEVEN Apni Dukan, a business vertical catering to retailers’ business needs. The venture needed a rapid digital transformation suite of technology products for unified ordering, buying, delivering, selling and financing experience.  

Our partner was determined to transform Pakistan’s traditional farm-to-table and FMCG value chains, enabling a fluid technology experience for the retailers. They needed distribution networks with operational effectiveness to uplift the digital value chain. 

As 24SEVEN wanted an e-commerce platform to digitalize the distribution and in-house processes, they already had multiple warehouses, thousands of retailers (as their customers), and an army of enthusiastic sales people.  Aligning the existing process landscape, building a new revolutionized warehouse management and logistic capabilities were some uphill tasks. 

The envisaged online ordering marketplace was one of the essential components of the product family that our engineers were building. It was supposed to integrate the orders from distributors and wholesalers, assist sales representatives, automate the tracking of sales and other processes around the edges.  

Amongst the main concerns that 24SEVEN wanted to address included improper distribution routes, limited ordering channels, human error linked with manual orders, and the in-house operations management system which led to ERP system integration.  

Another key challenge was to modernize the pre-built free version of Magento commerce site to paid Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Enterprise version). Since customers were growing and the old platform was not fulfilling enough, speed optimization with fast loading time was also the reason for the platform migration.  

Integration of custom progressive web app (PWA) was another blocker because Magento only offers limited custom development. 

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  • Apni Dukan, needed an AI-led financial technology to enable the experience for the retailers 
  • Build revolutionized warehouse management and logistic capabilities, aligning the existing process landscape 
  • Modernize the pre-built free version of Magento commerce site to Adobe Commerce Cloud 
  • Integration of custom progressive web app (PWA) 

Candid talk from Communications Director

Muhammad Umar a.k.a Co-Founder & VP Engineering at CodeNinja Inc.

Umar has 10 years of experience in the software industry and is specialized in high-performance technology engineering with an emphasis on Presenter, Big Data, HPC, Cloud infrastructure, DevOps & Infrastructure Automation.

He loves exploring and experimenting with new ideas and innovation. Umar is passionate about all things tech!


Proposed Solution

All hands on deck to build powerful solution

With multiple engineering problems to solve and then integrate all the solutions to give a unified experience across the value chain, Kashif Mukhtar, the iconic serial entrepreneur and the CTO of 24SEVEN, explored with CodeNinja engineering leadership, the options to build a stellar dedicated engineer team. 

The required engineering team was required to be as diverse as the problem stack. A broad spectrum of engineering capabilities was needed – eCommerce, warehousing and inventory management, AI & advanced data engineering, logistics and last mile technology, Cloud and ERP. 

The team started with a 2-week product discovery phase to test the product assumptions and to exactly understand the end users’ expectations. Business analytics and software architects outlined the optimal architecture of the 24SEVEN marketplace, filtered and refined the functional requirements, and drafted a product development roadmap.  

The architecture of the marketplace was built considering the needs of both distributors and retailers, creating a wholesome user experience. The platform also needed to accommodate flexible dashboards to update products and prices while monitoring order processes.  

Do you know there are over 800,000 utility & grocery stores spread across Pakistan and the ecosystem of these stores is rooted in traditional ways. Also termed as Uninked economy. 

24SEVEN with its Apni dukaan store front is well on its path to modify and digitize the current ecosystem of kiryana stores (mom-and-pop stores) around the needs of the communities. Most notable, Apni Dukan is empowering MSMEs by digitally solving the issues of wholesale pricing, timely deliveries, cash flow and technology access.  

From vendor management, Odoo integration, catalog management and automation to stock processing, ERP system integration, wallet management, customer membership program, product recommendations, requisition list; CodeNinja engineers are integrating the systems in the most efficient way possible.

woman in modern store
  • CodeNinja’s diverse team with a wide spectrum of engineering capabilities was on board 
  • Engineers built the architecture of the marketplace considering the needs of both distributors and retailers, creating a wholesome user experience 
  • eCommerce, warehousing and inventory management, AI & advanced data engineering, logistics, cloud and ERP; all was integrated 
  • 24SEVEN Apni dukaan store front modified and digitized the current ecosystem of kiryana stores 

Technology stack

Our recipe of tools, applications, and services
React JS 2
Node JS
Google Platform


Enhancing capabilities and expanding possibilities
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Custom development of progressive web app (PWA)

Although Magento does offer custom front-end development capability, it’s limited and does not cover every scenario. CNC team did the PWA custom development and resolved many issues while creating a consistent brand voice. It bridged the gap between web and native experiences. This resulted in better online and offline experience, responsive, fast, secure and high performing web portal.  

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Apni Dukan POS (Point-Of-Sale), ERP integration via Odoo

24SEVEN Apni Dukan is empowering grocer communities by creating a seamless network of trusted resellers via centralized online management system. The goal was to accelerate the growth of the local micro-entrepreneurs (MSMEs) in unison through branding and digitization.  

POS integration streamlined and automated cash registers of local vendors and retailers selling in their vicinities while the ERP software solution helped the client in management of day-to-day business operations like procurement, sales etc.  

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Digital payments, wallet management, customer memberships

Vendors can now manage their payments within the system. A secure and fast wallet management was built where cards can be integrated for payments, alongside transactions, purchases, history. The engineering team also developed customer memberships programs comprising different offers and product discounts depending on the type of membership.  


Providing Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers

An exhilarating journey so far! 24SEVEN Apni Dukan is reaching major milestones in revolutionizing commerce community. It has successfully launched in Lahore and Sheikhupura by building a trusted network of resellers and has enabled 1500+ trusted retailers. 

Every day getting closer to empowering the local agents and retailers across Pakistan. Onwards and upwards!  

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