Importance of Ecommerce Development Companies

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Importance of Ecommerce Development Companies and Their Role

With the ever-increasing digital landscape, Ecommerce has become one of the major industries on the internet. During the COVID-19 breakout, eCommerce development companies gained more popularity as people became confined to their homes and started shopping in a safe and comfortable environment.

E-commerce and Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods over the internet or through other electronic means. eCommerce Websites allow users to explore products, make online payments, select delivery options, give reviews/feedback, view/edit carts and get support for any related problems.

The industry now amounts to almost 20% of the total sales made worldwide and continues to grow exponentially (Statista). Social media marketplaces like Facebook & Instagram have also become very popular with a large user base boosting Ecommerce even more. Hence, if you are running a business in the current era and want to compete in the market, you need to have an E-commerce store to market your products/services.

Needs of Ecommerce Development

Since more than half of the world’s population uses smartphones and is active on social media and search engines, eCommerce has a huge audience. People browsing the internet go through all sorts of new products and trends which increases the probability of making a purchase online. Also, since the user interfaces and designs have evolved, users can get detailed images, videos, and descriptions of products which helps build trust.

Large Audience

Launching your eCommerce store allows you to reach a global audience.

Greater Sales

Having a larger audience and better marketing opportunities to make your product stand out.

Easy setup

Easy to get started by creating a website and listing your products on it.

Faster & Convenient

With no requirement for office space and minimum staff requirements, E-Commerce is a rapid solution.

24/7 Operations

With automated solutions, people can visit and buy from your store anytime.

Increased Visibility

It is also seen that people who wish to buy from your retail store might first visit your eCommerce store to check out your products, services, and reviews and then perceive a better brand image of the company. Hence, eCommerce stores have paramount importance in a business setup.

There are a variety of eCommerce models like B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, and all of them are created to serve a separate purpose.

In our article, we discuss the role and importance of eCommerce development companies and how they can help you set up and boost your eCommerce business.

The Role of Ecommerce Development Companies

With increasing online marketplace demand, eCommerce development companies have become an integral part of the market. Development companies understand the nature of the business and its customers and know how to use the relevant tools for maximized output. 

The teams are equipped with both technical and functional knowledge for smooth operations of eCommerce websites.

We can define the role of e-commerce development companies as providing reliable and expert services to businesses to establish a web marketplace that incorporates all essential features. They must also provide support, maintenance, and customizations required by the client. Furthermore, designed websites must provide easy access, search engine indexing, intuitive designs, and a smooth shopping experience in an error-free environment.

What is the importance of E-commerce Development Companies?

Ecommerce development companies are experts in creating industry-specific solutions that allow your business to achieve desired goals in an organized manner. If you are looking to start an E-commerce store, then to mitigate all risks and create an engaging platform, you need to hire the right e-commerce website services company. Below we have discussed some of the important features of eCommerce Development companies:

Risk Mitigation

E-commerce development companies can help you avoid the risks of developing a poor and non-engaging website. With their vast experience, they also help to successfully deliver the product with complete working features. E-commerce development companies are responsible for providing you with the perfect product that helps your customers carry out sales/purchases and payments with ease.

Team Expertise

With expert developers and project managers, development companies can build websites that achieve your business objectives, whether it be getting more audience, converting more sales, getting emails, getting more subscribers, creating a strong brand image, or helping users explore your website easily. 

Diverse Industry experiences

Having a diverse industry experience is important since eCommerce revolves around many different niches and also incorporates marketplaces that might be selling almost everything. Depending on your niche, your business requirements need to be comprehended accurately to deliver the proper product. Some of the most trending internet marketplaces include clothing, smartphones & electronics, grocery items, and home appliances.

The importance of Ecommerce Websites Development

While creating niche-specific websites, it is important to provide the users with relevant features and information and avoid unnecessary details. For instance, a smartphone website might have a dedicated video review and unbox but it would be irrelevant to have such a section for a grocery eCommerce site.

SEO friendly websites

Other than the fact that your business is very popular worldwide, most of the people landing on your online store would be through search engines like Google and Bing. To get more traffic and sales, you need to be more visible and rank better on search engines.

SEO Practices and Algorithms

To rank on these search engines your website needs to follow some specific practices which come under the domain of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website development companies have a vast knowledge of Google algorithms to rank at the top and are also familiar with any practices that might penalize the website. SEO-friendly websites are crawled and indexed by search engines easily and effectively and have a structure that is preferred for ranking at the top.

Support and Maintenance

Development companies help you in troubleshooting and resolve any sort of errors that users run into while using the website. These issues can range from a customer not receiving an order confirmation email to not being able to check out for a specific product or entering a payment method.

With in-depth knowledge and experience in resolving similar problems, e-commerce development companies can quickly and effectively resolve any issues that you might run into. Another important factor is that when you get your website developed, you might not have an idea about how much traffic you might be getting. With time, your traffic might increase exponentially and require performance upgrades and maintenance for the consistent uptime of the website. This is also tackled effectively by expert companies who have extensive solutions to set you up for success. 

Use of Suitable Frameworks

There are many development frameworks for eCommerce website development but which one should you use for your website? Development companies have the expertise to analyze your business requirements and choose a suitable framework for optimum performance.

Some of the most suited frameworks for eCommerce web development available on the market are:


A headless commerce platform that provides high flexibility. Bigcommerce framework is preferred for creating SaaS products. The framework provides a variety of responsive themes working seamlessly on multiple devices and intuitive designs for managing and processing orders and returns.  


It is a ready-to-use platform that is easily integrated with a variety of plugins to customize your website. With Shopify, you can easily set up your website in a cost-effective manner and scale it up. It includes all the essentials required for an eCommerce website like inventory management, shopping carts, reports, and payment methods while also providing SEO features to ramp it up.


Equipped with all the standard eCommerce store features, WooCommerce is a highly compatible and advanced platform. Similar to Shopify, WooCommerce allows you to use plugins to increase the functionality and performance of your website. It is highly compatible with WordPress. You can simply add WooCommerce as a plugin to your WordPress website and build your next online store with high-performing functions.


An open-source platform with a strong community for continuous updates and support. It incorporates all the major features and developments that are fundamental for web stores. Magento also offers multitasking which allows users to perform multiple tasks like browsing and payment processing at the same time. Developers leverage this framework for high flexibility, integrations, and convenient mobile experiences. 


A highly customizable framework that allows you to create a personalized eCommerce website. You can create an intuitive website by integrating modules and making use of the embedded features of Drupal. It helps developers create an easy-to-customize website. Change product menus, prices, tags, and much more conveniently and fast with Drupal.


Hence, E-commerce development companies have paramount importance due to the current demand in online marketplaces. With such high volume and diversified niches, the need for high-performance, animations, videos, and detailed product listings requires the use of modern frameworks to build highly efficient websites.

Choose the right eCommerce development company for a properly functioning website that incorporates all the necessary features from browsing products and making a purchase. Make sure to hire the right company equipped with modern tools and frameworks to achieve your business goals.

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