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Talent on-demand: Building an effective software engineering team

Code Ninja: A pioneer in On-demand talent augmentation

CodeNinja is one of the fastest-growing staff augmentation and outsourcing companies with centers in high-growth emerging markets. CodeNinja’s focus has been on augmenting only learned and skilled resources for its partners. Its skilled team comprises excellent technical skills, unmatched domain expertise, and commitment to delivering the best IT engineering services.  

CodeNinja has helped numerous businesses improve their processes with its diverse range of staff augmenting services thus proving to be one of the most sought-after on-talent demand companies. It offers talent in all IT project roles ranging from product engineering to product management and more.  

Basecamp: An initiative of Code Ninja

Basecamp is an initiative of CodeNinja specifically designed to help our partners from across the globe source and vet skilled engineering teams. In this modern era, the demand for experienced IT professionals is huge but the time and money required to hire and retain such professionals are sometimes not enough.  

Therefore, on-demand talent is rising through which companies can hire high-end workforce from any corner of the world, within their budget as well as without the hassle of permanently onboarding them. By using CodeNinja Basecamp, our partners would be able to find hidden gems in the engineering market that have huge potential, as well as affordable market rates. 

What role does Impact Engineering play in Basecamp? 

One of the most pivotal parts of basecamp is the focus on impact engineering. During one of our conversations with the VP of Engineering at CodeNinja, Umar Bilal, he explained why impact engineering is a rising concept and how Basecamp is aligned with it.  

According to Umar, impact engineering is the concept of hiring engineering teams from “low cost and high growth” cities.  

Through this concept one can create a positive impact by forging multiple opportunities and helping the local talent. He further explained that CodeNinja Basecamp was built on the foundation of impact engineering and therefore doesn’t only focus on making profits but on the impact that can be created by it. 

The do’s and don’ts of hiring expert engineers 

Basecamp is the platform for on-demand talent and it encompasses a huge number of skilled engineers. As we wondered how CodeNinja Basecamp hires its top-notch skilled workers, Umar enlightened us on the whole process.  

The first step is to screen and collect candidates’ profiles in a unified dashboard. As soon as a request comes in, the profiles are automatically scanned against the job description provided and the results are presented to the prospective partner. They further interview the preferred candidates and eventually finalize the right fit. But this is not it, Basecamp also comprises a bench.  

The bench is the team of “resources that are already on the payroll of CodeNinja and are waiting for their next assignments”. Being the VP of engineering, Umar has to look after the resource allocation of the bench and the outsourced staff which he does meticulously.  

When asked how Umar manages the time zone difference of his resources, he simply answered that he makes sure that there is “an overlap of at least 2 to 3 hours”. 

An in-depth process of hiring engineers through Basecamp

After reading about Basecamp, one is sure to ask questions like how to hire the skilled engineers available at Basecamp? What is the process of hiring through CodeNinja Basecamp? And what are the benefits that one can gain while hiring through Basecamp?  

Well, all these answers were provided by Umar in detail so let’s dive into each one. Umar points out that it’s quite easy and “straightforward” to hire through Basecamp. Interested partners can reach out to Basecamp consultant with their requirements, and within no time the Basecamp team is ready to cater to their needs.  

At this stage, Umar ensures to provide the partners with the right fit candidates that he handpicks from the bench. According to Umar, it can take “around 8 hours to max 20 days to build a great engineering team”. In addition to this, the partners can be fully involved with the hiring process.  

As explained earlier, the partners are encouraged to be part of the whole hiring process to ensure transparency as well as to enhance trust. 

How is Basecamp different from other freelancing websites?

The basic structure and the framework for Basecamp might seem familiar to the famous and contemporary freelancing websites but it is entirely different from them. The major difference between Basecamp and other freelancing websites would be that Umar hires his team on a permanent basis. 

 Each engineer is hired as a full-time employee, not on a temporary or project basis. This means that even if an engineer doesn’t have any current assignments, he goes back to the bench and waits for his upcoming project, all the while being paid. Without any doubt, Basecamp is truly focused on impact engineering.  

What more can we expect from Basecamp this year? 

While wrapping up our fruitful conversation with the co-founder and VP of Engineering of CodeNinja, Umar Bilal, we asked him about his goals for the next year regarding Basecamp and on-demand talent. Umar was confident that by the end of this year, he would have hired 300+ full time engineers, whereas the current number is 200+.  

Besides, his team comprises more than 70,000 engineers on the cloud. As far as the technology front is concerned, Umar is adamant about increasing the team’s efficiency by incorporating vital software components in Basecamp’s talent cloud.  

Finding the right talent is definitely not an easy task in this era, and requires a lot of hard work. Multiple industries are in need of engineering talent, and this need can be fulfilled by using the on-demand talent model. In this article, we tried to solve the major problem most companies are facing nowadays.  

From tapping the right talent globally to ensuring their quality work, we have jotted down for you a manual which might come in handy the next time you need an expert IT engineer. CodeNinja’s Basecamp is your perfect go-to solution when it comes to on-demand talent.  

The focus on impact engineering, transparent processes, and the quality-focused culture, all make Basecamp an exceptionally beneficial platform for hiring skilled engineers today in the IT industry. 

Reach out to our expert consultant to learn more about Basecamp and how to hire a talented engineering team today. 

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