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12 Best Countries For Offshore Software Development in The World

Zobaria Asma

1 September, 2023

20 minutes

Are you on the lookout for the best offshore software development countries? If so, this article is precisely what you’re seeking.

Finding skilled tech experts and software developers while maintaining a budget is a challenge. This has contributed to the increasing demand for offshoring software development

The IT Outsourcing Market is projected to increase from USD 585.57 billion in 2023 to USD 701.88 billion by 2028

In the years ahead, when planning your software development budget, the focus shifts from whether to outsource to identifying the top countries.

Therefore, it’s important to keep a close eye on the best offshore software development countries. These countries are at the forefront of outsourced software development.

In this post, we have listed the top countries for offshore development for you to choose from. 

Furthermore, we’ll help you understand how to choose the best countries for offshore software development on the base of expertise in technologies.

But before we do that, let’s have a quick look at the current state and the future of the global outsourcing industry.

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How to Choose the Best Countries For Offshore Software Development Services ?

The best offshore software development country vary based on your project’s specific needs and priorities. 

It’s a blend of skill availability, cost-effectiveness, and how well their working hours align with your requirements. 

Below are three major aspects to look at when choosing the best countries for outsourcing software development. Evaluating these points will help you make an informed decision:

#1 Availability of skills and the size of the talent pool

Look into the country’s tech education system, its track record in producing proficient developers, and the range of technologies it excels in.

The size of the talent pool matters too; a larger pool means more options and potentially faster project execution.

# 2 The rates for hiring developers in the countries

Cost is a significant factor when outsourcing software development. Different countries have varying offshore developers costs due to factors like living standards and currency values. 

While lower rates can be attractive, they might not always guarantee quality. Consider a balance between cost and skill level to ensure your project’s success.

#3 The different time zones applicable to the countries

Time zone differences can work in your favor. 

Countries in different time zones can provide a near-continuous work cycle, allowing your project to progress even while your primary team is offline. 

However, make sure that the time zone difference doesn’t hinder effective communication and collaboration.

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Best Countries For Offshore Software Development In 2023

Best Offshore Software Development Countries in Asia Region

Asia has taken the lead in software outsourcing. Numerous businesses now rely on Asian software development companies to fulfill their requirements.

Asian market offers rates up to 20-30% lower than Western IT outsourcing destinations for comparable services.

The region boasts an extensive pool of software developer talent, that is unrivaled globally. 

Despite recent economic uncertainty, the region’s business and IT outsourcing sectors have demonstrated great resilience. 

Let’s look at the top countries for offshore development in Asia:

Pakistan For Offshore Software Development

The average annual cost of a software engineer in Pakistan is one-fifth of the cost in USA and Europe. It stands out as the 5th most financially appealing destination for offshore software development services.

Around 5,000 IT graduates join the workforce yearly, supplying the local IT industry with essential manpower. The region boasts top-notch software engineers and developers, making it an attractive hub for outsourcing software projects. 

With over 300 companies in its fold, Pakistan hosts renowned global enterprises such as Bentley, Ciklum, IBM, Mentor Graphics, S&P Global, Symantec, Teradata, and VMware. 

These companies have set up research and development centers, BPO support service centers, and global consulting service centers within the country.

The average hourly rate ranges between $18-$50.

Moreover, cultural integration is seamless due to two main reasons:

  • Many IT professionals have been exposed to Western cultures during their education or degree abroad.
  •  The local professionals are accustomed to working with clients from developed nations

Offshore Software Development India

India is a prominent choice for IT outsourcing due to its vast population of STEM graduates, around 2.6 million, second only to China. 

Moreover, its STEM education system churns out about 2.6 million adept software developers annually, effectively mitigating IT talent shortages. 

With a vast talent reservoir of 5 million IT experts and 200,000 fresh graduates entering the market each year, the country offers a combination of proficiency and quantity to foster business expansion.

Fact: Software developers in India charge as low as $6 per hour, significantly less than U.S. rates of $33 to $40 per hour. 

India’s average hourly rates, $18 to $40, present attractive and budget-friendly outsourcing options. 

However, the affordability factor doesn’t guarantee quality, so thorough research is essential before hiring an Indian offshore team.

Offshore Software Development From China

China is another prominent player in software development outsourcing due to its robust focus on science and mathematics education. 

The country produces numerous skilled IT experts proficient in languages like functional programming, Python, and Shell. 

China’s developers excel in key languages crucial for technologies like AI, Robotics, and Deep Learning, drawing foreign companies for projects. 

The government bolsters the IT sector through economic incentives, evident in over 50 science and tech industry parks and emphasis on STEM education. 

With an average software developer salary of $35,538, significantly lower than the US average of $108,978, China’s preference is clear. 

Its IT companies are sought after for cost-effective labor and developer productivity. 

Hourly service costs range from $18 to $40, offering affordability while being slightly higher than other Asian nations due to economic advancement and expertise.

Offshore Software Development To Philippines

The Philippines stands as a prime offshoring outsourcing destination, with over 4 million skilled Filipino workers having foreign work experience, showcasing their high demand. 

The country boasts an annual production of 40,000 IT and engineering graduates proficient in languages like Java, .NET, and API development.

With its competitive costs, robust software background, and thriving IT market, the Philippines shines, and key cities like Manila stand out. 

Hourly rates range from $15 to $35 on platforms like Upwork, with Clutch estimating $25-40.

The nation’s government support and cultural compatibility with the US further adds to its appeal.

The Philippines’ strengths lie in its pool of young, talented software specialists, advanced IT infrastructure, English proficiency, and an impressive 200 offshore software companies and 95,000 technical experts. 

With over 130,000 IT graduates yearly, the country boasts familiarity with languages like Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Taiwan For Outsourcing Offshore Software Development

Taiwan, along with India, stands out as a highly promising offshore development outsourcing destination in 2023. 

Recognized as one of the Asian Tigers, Taiwan is positioned among the top 50 cities for digital innovation, enterprise growth, and team outsourcing solutions. 

The cost range is between $25 and $49, as indicated by Clutch and Upwork. Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and ASP.NET Core are among the popular programming languages.

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Top Offshore Software Development Countries in Latin America

Latin American countries shine on global scales like GSLI, Global Innovation Index, and Ease of Doing Business.

Kearney GSLI positions them within the top 50 and Global Innovation Index within the top 100.

Notably, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Chile rank among the Ease of Doing Business top 100.

These nations emphasize digitalization, infrastructure, skills, and foreign investment. This climate fosters resources and backing for tech ventures through accelerators, tech incubators, and tech parks.

With a tech talent pool nearing 2 million professionals, Latin America’s tech sector and workforce present an appealing landscape for software development outsourcing.

Let’s look at the most popular offshore software development countries in Latin America

Argentina For Offshore Software Development Services

Argentina hosts more than 134,000 software developers and over 1000 firms offering software development services. 

The country holds the 21st position in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

Free tech education contributes to Argentina’s status as a highly educated nation in the region, and further boosts local IT talent. 

The focus of Argentina’s offshore software development companies lies in web app development, software creation, data migration, and DevOps. 

Their tech experts are well-versed in various programming languages, including C, PHP, Java, JavaScript, .NET Framework, Python, and Data Science.

The average offshore development rate typically ranges between $30 and $60. 

While these rates might surpass those in Asian nations, they remain competitive when compared to local outsourcing alternatives.

Moreover, Argentina’s strategic proximity, merely 2 hours from the USA, 5 hours from Europe, and a convenient 4-hour flight from Silicon Valley — makes it a preferred choice for software development and startup evaluations.

Offshore Outsourcing To Brazil

Brazil stands out as a prominent player in software outsourcing within Latin and South America. 

It has over 500,000 software engineers, securing a strong position in the region, and ranks 54th in the Global Innovation Index 2022

In 2023, the average hourly rate for a software developer in Brazil ranges between $22-$50. Impressively, Brazilian IT outsourcing captures a substantial 50% share of the Latin American software market.

Pricing for web development hovers around $25 to $50 per hour, as per Clutch data. Platforms like Upwork reflect an average range of $25 to $60 for an hour of web software development. Java, Python, and SQL are popular programming languages in the country.

Colombia For Offshore Software Development

In 2021, Colombia secured the third spot in the region’s IT market size, totaling $10.2 billion, following Mexico and Brazil. 

The Colombian Federation of IT and Software Industries envisions software contributing 5% to the country’s GDP by 2025. 

Java, Python, Perl, Kotlin, and HTML/CSS are the most popular programming languages in the country. 

Cities like Bogotá, Medellin, and Cali serve as vibrant hubs for startups. These cities benefit from government support, easy access to funding, and a thriving community of tech experts.

All these factors make Colombia an emerging outsourcing country.

Best Offshore Software Development Countries in Eastern Europe

Poland For Offshore Software Development

Poland stands out as a thriving hub for software development in Eastern Europe, with a rapidly growing economy and a substantial talent pool.

The tech market shows consistent annual growth between 50% and 60%. It’s expected to surpass $3 billion by the end of 2023.

The country’s favorable tax policies and conducive economic environment further enhance its attractiveness for software offshoring. 

The cost of offshore software development in Poland ranges from $60 to $90 per hour. 

With over 250,000 software developers, 1,128 software development companies, and proficiency in widely used languages such as Java, SQL, Python, and C++, Poland stands as an optimal choice for offshoring. 

The country’s English, German, French, and Spanish language proficiency makes it a prime nearshore option for Western European businesses.

Offshore Software Development - Codeninja

Imagine this: You’ve got your project in the hands of experts who are not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to your success. 

That’s us, CodeNinja. One of the best offshore software development services providers.

We don’t just deliver software; we deliver tangible results that push your business to new heights. Here are four reasons why our clients have chosen us.

  • Skilled Professionals: Over 1000 experienced software developers proficient in various skills, backed by over a decade of expertise, are at your service.
  • Expert Recruiters: With a talent pool of over 50,000 CVs, our 100+ seasoned recruiters source and train the right resources for your needs.
  • Metrics-Driven Approach: Regular business analytics tracking enables us to demonstrate the tangible impact of our services on your business.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: We consistently enhance our IT team’s skills, ensuring up-to-date technology stacks that align with your needs.

Outsource CodeNinja For Offshoring Software Development - Process

We’ve fine-tuned our offshoring outsourcing process to be straightforward and seamless, ensuring your software development project is a success from start to finish.

  • Step#1 – Assessment: Evaluating the company’s hiring needs and devising a strategic plan to acquire the right talent.
  • Step#2 –Screening Candidates: Sharing pre-screened candidates with the required technical skills for selection.
  • Step#3 – Contract Procurement: Facilitating negotiation and formalizing the agreement with written terms and regulations.
  • Step#4 –Implementation: Initiate the project by assigning tasks and responsibilities to the selected resources.
  • Step#5 –Management: Overseethe project’s entire lifecycle, with duration depending on project length and complexity.
  • Step#6 –Transfer: Concluding the contract as the resource completes responsibilities, officially ending the project.


offshore software development services do more than just help companies create amazing products. 

They also allow businesses to grow and beat their rivals in a competitive market. This adds to the business’ growth and profitability.

Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to keep an eye out for the top offshore software development countries to stay ahead of the competition.

Our list of the best countries for offshore software development is a starting point in your journey.


Zobaria Asma

Article Writer

Zobaria is a Technical Content Writer at CodeNinja – scaling businesses in the SaaS, Quick Commerce, Food-tech, Data Analytics, Healthcare, Ed-Tech sectors through SEO & Content Marketing. For the last 5+ years, she’s been working with both local and international marketing agencies.

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